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I have a runner by the name of Cybergeddon who submitted two runs for Final Fight Guy. He's using a Super Famicom and a Chinese Everdrive.

I know Everdrive is used to store multiple games to play certain systems, but I'm not sure if Everdrives are used for speedrun submissions.

Any clarification would help.

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As long as the game doesn't appear to be a modified rom, and they don't use the save states that some Everdrives come with, then there shouldn't be any issue. Looking at your board, you don't separate emulator and snes runs, so there shouldn't be any issue with their submissions (with the hardware/software inbalance part).

Personally, I would inspect these runs thoroughly, just to make sure no save states were used in these runs. If you do not feel confident with the legitimacy of the runs on this hardware, you can always reject the two submitted runs and list in the rules that Everdrives (or third party software which modifies consoles) are banned. Once again though, I would try to lean more on the side of allowing these runs, unless there is something that leads you to believe that they may be cheated.

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Everdrives are perfectly fine, they act the same way as the original cartridges when you use the proper rom.

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To add to this, as @VyPrVyPr said, emu isn't separated, and these are usually more prone to be somewhat different, and also have access to savestates.

But as long as an official rom is used, should be fine on an everdrive

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Okay, thanks, everyone. When I took over as a mod for Final Fight Guy, there were no category rules and such, but I may need to consider adding them for better clarification.

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