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For the country on our profile, do we use where we are born or where we are running in? I was born in Canada but I've been living in Australia for almost a year now...which would I use? Or at least which would i preferably use?


Doesn't matter too much which one of the two you use, take the one you like more id say.

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I would say wherever you live currently.


Where you live currently. If you post your address here I can update it to read your exact location. Trust me.

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I show where I was born, but hoping to move back soon anyway 😊 I think its up to you


Just choose whatever you feel like,
unless it's an eastern asian country, then you gotta live there.

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Have some proud of the homes of y'all. Patriotism and all that. Yeehaw
Sorry, too much RDR 2 hype.