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I speak for the Chrono Trigger community in this, after some discussion we don't really agree with the simplicity to hide emulator runs (the "Include Emulator" button) since it gives a fake impression of records and immediately discredits times. In this case, emulator is 30 seconds SLOWER than console and we feel having the easyness of hiding times does discourage new players from starting on emulator (Chrono Trigger carts are over 100 dollars now so most people just look away from this altogether since you are not getting a 100 dollar cart just to try a possible new speedgame).

Is it possible to add an option to remove this button from the game page? Same way you can completely ban emu runs (I know in a lot of cases emu provides an unfair advantage) but some games have a large portion of community that play with emulator due to diverse reasons and we don't want to stop players from starting with a speedgame.

Thanks for your time.


An 'Always shown' option has been added for emulator runs on the /editgame page which removes the checkbox from the game page.

After better consideration, instead of allowing the checkbox to be removed, it will be changed to allow users to choose between:

• Show both
• Show emulator only
• Hide emulator

We'll try to get this change done as soon as possible.

UPDATE: The change has been implemented.