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Hello everyone from the site. I come to report an unpleasant fact that I identified in one of the categories of the game Tekken 3 Unlock Theater Mode (No Game Over Abuse, 1 Round) Hard Mode. Moderator Shirdel did not follow the rules of this category in his race, he did not show in the video the settings of the Options menu and this is against the rules, please analyze if his race is valid.

Thanks in advance.


Alright looked at the rules and it says nothing about showing the options menu, just that certain things must be turned on. This implies needing to show the options menu, but doesn't require it.

Also, he does show the options menu, in which he clearly has things set according to what the rules require.

Lastly take it up with the Tekken 3 mods as they'll be able to help you more than non Tekken 3 runners will be able to.


Why didn't you talk to him and the community about this first?

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@Komrade I do not agree, if the rule requires that the game's options be default, like proving that the options are in agreement, if not shown in the video. He did not show the options at any point in the race.


I'd still parrot what Komrade said earlier. Bring this up with the community. You should have a game-specific forum you can talk about this on. It's really both unnecessary and excessive to post about it in the public forum unless the community can't resolve the issue.


There are 4 mods for the game, consult them first.


@Lieutenant_Boo Respect your position, but tell me how serious the community is, where the moderator approves of his own race? And do not follow the rules? I would like a response from site administrators if possible


Games and their leaderboards are handled by the communities, not by the site admins. You completely dismissing all the mods and the entire community outright is a terrible thing to do if you want to be a part of it. Also just glancing though the board many of the runs don't show the options menu.

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Also, strictly speaking there is no rule against having to show the options screen at the start of the run, merely that all options must be on default. As such, you would have to prove that an option isn't set to default to dispute the run, not simply "oh, they don't show the menu".

This is why simply asking the moderators is the best choice here. I would question just how far you went in terms of trying to contact the runner in question, and how long you've actually given them to respond. I've had a fair few requests of this nature come my way since I started being a mod, and outside of one case... they were all solved with me simply DMing the runner in question, who then usually informed me that no one had contacted them.

There's a larger chance you would've gotten an answer and resolution simply posting this in the games forum itself, over here.

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@TalicZealot Am I discarding the community just because I would like an administrator to respond to me? This statement is meaningless. Make sure that if I send a run without displaying the options menu, my run will be denied.


@Liv If I do not need to show the options, what's the point of this rule? How can I verify that the rule has been followed? I can not understand this method of yours sincerely. And what about a moderator approving his own run?



If I do not need to show the options, what's the point of this rule?

Idk, why don’t you ask the people who made the rules. You know, the mods of the game.

There’s not much more anyone here can do for you. These questions and concerns need to be raised with the mods of the game as they’re the ones who made the rules.

As for a mod verifying their own run, there’s nothing against it, it’s just discouraged when there are multiple active mods on a game.

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There is literally nothing any of us can do. Your best bet is to take it up with the community and the moderators.

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Originally posted by "Luccas-Cantarutti"And what about a moderator approving his own run?

The site has no global rule on this. It's up to individual communities to decide whether moderators are allowed to verify their own runs and to enforce that decision. If you think moderators for that game shouldn't be allowed to verify their own runs, that's something you'll have to talk to them about.

Honestly, just fucking talk to the other game moderators already. This is something that can be brought to them and dealt with by them, so just do that. It isn't the site staff's job to micro-manage every little thing that comes up on every single game on the site.

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Thanks to all, I will speak directly with the moderators of Tekken 3