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I made a promise a while ago that private messages would be ready by the end of 2019, and here they are with a few hours to spare (sorry Australia). You can send a message by going to someone's profile and clicking "Send message". Your ongoing conversations will be listed in the Messages dropdown on the navbar. If you want to try it out, feel free to send me a message and say hi (EDIT: I've received some lovely messages so far, thanks everybody 😄).

Please note this is not a chat system, so messages won't appear instantly. They're loaded with every page.

Group conversations are working, however, they're not ready for release yet because we've run into a slight problem that we want to get your feedback on. Currently, there's nothing stopping anybody from inviting anybody else into a group conversation, this could potentially end up in spam groups involving hundreds of thousands of people. So how do we decide who can invite whom into a group conversation? Discord has a friend system but I'm not sure if a friend system is right for this site. I'd love to hear your ideas for how we should go about it, because we'd love to launch group conversations asap.

Security measures already in place are that an account must be 7 days old to send a message, you can report distasteful messages (to be handled by our full mods), and you can block specific people from messaging you.

Future plans for this system include e-mail notifications (including figuring out a way to handle it if hundreds of messages are sent in a short time, because we don't want to bombard people with e-mails), and perhaps reacting to messages (a thumbs up or maybe something like Discord's emote react thingy), and a load button to load more than the most recent 256 messages.

Feel free to leave any feedback or bug reports (I'm sure there will be many).

Happy New Year folks! 🎆

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The most anticipated new SRC feature is here at last! Thanks Pac!

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Whoa, you did it! ^^

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I think for group chats the creator should be the only one with invitation permissions. Rather than being inserted into a group chat like discord has when adding people (at least I recall it working that way), you'd receive an invitation notification for accepting or ignoring. Maybe even a message with the notification on why you're being invited to a group DM so one wouldn't have to send an additional personal DM to the person being invited if they don't know why. If it becomes spammy then block that user

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I love it. Thanks Pac! Happy New Year to you too 🙂

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Maybe only people who moderate at least one board should be allowed to make group chats?

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Ayyyyy nice!
Happy new year to the site staff!


I can now message friends very insightful messages, thanks.

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credit where credit is due, nice job.

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What a great addition before the New Year. Amazing effort to keep the site up and running with feature. Can't wait to see what's planned for 2020


Hey someone dm me a way to not be a washed up speedrunner thanks in advance



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Holy crap, awesome work!


Awesome feature! Communities too small to have a discord server will be able to connect much better now.

Quick question: did you handle timezones? Cuz I received a message from 3 hours in the future and it's scaring me

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HOLY!!! Awesome!! This is worth a donation!

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The group chat could work in the sense that whoever creates the group is the only one who can add new people.

Maybe have a section for 'added users' per each group, and anyone not in this list gets denied access, with only the creator of the group able to add further people to the 'list'.

The idea of group chats/run discussion being on the site itself is far more appealing to me than having to partake in tons of individual discords, even if it's just users chatting about speedrunning privately in a group setting, or discussing a game. And I would say try not to limit these only to game moderators to create per each game, just let users create whatever chat groups/group dms they like, because I feel doing the former would only be limiting the full potential of how it could be utilized.

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A "Block" Button, Nooooooo!

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How is that a bad thing

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Hey, that's pretty good.

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