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Uncheck all platforms under Platforms in Edit settings and make a PC/PS4 category/subcategory.

Some boards just do the latter, so submitters will be required to state their platform twice.


I'm hoping to get it looking like main tab any% - opens to a leaderboard for pc but to the right of the pc subcategory you can click on ps4 (like some resident evil baords are set up)


I am not sure if you figured it out yet, but this can be done doing the follow:

- Make an extra variable/subcategorie at "Edit game"
- Give the subcategorie 2 values: PS4 and PC
- Hit PC checkbox as default
- Hit the checkbox "Use as subcategory"
- Boom

Hope this will help! Do not uncheck the platforms! Keep the PC and PS4 checked

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Did'nt work im sorry. It just created a new 2 sections of info you can enter. I want to split the boards. Any help id appreciate it.


Originally posted by Seydie
- Hit the checkbox "Use as subcategory"

Also select the main category.


I didnt see thatcheckbox available. Ill try on pc tonight or tomorrow