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Hey, I was wondering because I'm a bit confused as to what the actual time of a certain run is on a game I mod.

This is the current WR of the game:
I use yt-frame-timer to retime all runs and in this case it says that this video's framerate is 59 fps.
Now because of this when I first retimed I got a time of 10.288, but then I decided to check again and by using the same starting and ending frame I got a 10.305. I then tried doing the same once more and got a 10.288 again.

So basically my question is: How do I actually retime runs with 59 fps or other weird numbers? And also, could this framerate imply an advantage over other players, given that this is a really precise category with differences by milliseconds between runs?


Online frame timers have their limitations with non-integer framerates; for perfect precision you'll want to download it and analyze it with a program like Avidemux or Yua. In this case, it looks like the true framerate is 58.8333... fps.

Different video framerates offer no advantage if you know how to counter them. If you want ultimate precision, you first have to determine the game's framerate. It looks to be about 30 fps. Then, simply adjust the milliseconds value of runs to be fractions of that framerate, in this case thirtieths of a second (.033, .067, .100, etc.). When working with videos with nonstandard framerates, sometimes you have to make guesses (you usually round down), but you won't be off by more than a frame.

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@QuivicoQuivico Ok, so I installed Avidemux and downloaded the video of the run.
I also got a really good run today trying to beat his time, so I compared both of them using the program:
It says on Avidemux that the WR's run has a framerate of 29.412 fps, while my run has 30 fps.
The final time for him was 10.268, while mine was 10.267. Guess that means that both runs are actually tied at 10.266, right?

I mean, did I timed them right or am I missing something? (And yes the game runs at 30 fps).

Update: I downloaded the video again in the best quality possible, and my video without it being trimmed (which converted it to 30 fps for some reason), and now I got:
His video's framerate at 58.823, final time is 10.285.
My video's framerate at 59.998, final time is 10.283.
So it's a tie rounded to 10.266 or I use those times mentioned above?

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It would be a tie. I'd put down 10.267 instead (rounding .26666666... to .267), but it makes no difference if you're consistent.

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Oh ok, alright, good to know all this. Thank you!

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