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Hey everyone, is there a way for threating each subcategory as independient like the images? when i add variables are put in all subcats 😕 i addedd the images for what i want on Twitter and can be found here


you mean you only want subcategorys for certain main ones, but not for all ?

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if you want a subcategory to only appear in one category, you want to select it in the "category" dropdown menu,
this will prevent it from appearing in all other categories.

if you don't want it to appear as subcategory, just uncheck the "use as subcategory" checkbox.

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Well thats applied for categories 😛 what i tried doing was in subcategories which is impossible

I have 1 sucategory that will have 1 variable and i have another subcategory that need 2 variables. But well anyway. some friends helped me a lot with some ideas and we did the migration, thanks 🙂