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I would like to see some more categories for games.
For example some fun ones like: riot%, winter%, Shakedown%, Chaos%, All Packages and stuff.
Would be really nice to see because i checked the SRL leaderboard and these time are waay old.

So yea maybe this can get implemented if its not too hard to do.


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Some of these categories already exist, be sure to click the "Show misc categories" button.
Chaos% and Riot% exist as ROM Hacks for gta vc and 3 respectively ( and ).
With the new glitches vice city is so short that shakedown races dont really make sense anymore, but in general if there is interest in a non-standard category it can (will) be added as a misc category.


Are there any plans to add in Trevor% for GTA V? Because there's quite a bit of people who do that.


Could the following categories be added to GTA IV?

-Roman's Sorrow w/ Brucie (Classic%)
--this means everything needed to reach and complete Roman's Sorrow + Brucie's first & second mission

-Roman's Sorrow w/o Brucie (Classic%)
--everything needed to reach and complete Roman's Sorrow excluding Brucie's first & second mission

We've seen how many runners pretty much only run Trevor% in V (the equivalent of Roman's Sorrow% in IV) so I think these categories should be added. Some people only have an hour or two to dedicate to speedrunning every so often. A full Classic% run is out of the question for a lot of people. Above all else, these are the top two race categories for IV.



Trevor%, Roman's Sorrow w/ Brucie (Classic%) and Roman's Sorrow w/o Brucie (Classic%) have been added as misc categories.