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that one who's being based!

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Finally a response from someone, that’s nice to see. I’m still pretty concerned at the lack of a response to basically anything besides the thread that keeps getting bumped, especially seeing as you guys loved to talk about how important the community aspect is. Hopefully we can see some more transparency from you guys.

Originally posted by Lawliepop
Additionally we don’t want to give any advantages to people who pay or anything along those lines. We’re still figuring out if there is even a viable angle that meets all of those criteria. On most of our sites we haven’t built a premium offering because we weren’t able to find a good balance of those values.
The introduction of ads were announced in an unrelated update because they launched at the same time.

Under @PacPac as a little perk for donors we got the badge next to our name and custom gradient name colors. When you guys came the first thing you did was make it available to everyone. You could make it donor only again, it doesn’t affect anything as it’s purely cosmetic, and it was a nice little thing to get in return for supporting the site.

Originally posted by Lawliepop
and we viewed the instability as something that was holding back the growth of speedrunning communities. We also want to find additional ways to improve the site.

Could you elaborate on what you mean with “instability”? If you’re referring to the site being under pressure constantly, it is definitely much nicer now, but I wouldn’t say it impeded the growth of any communities.

As for new ways to improve the site, may I suggest ILs?

Originally posted by Lawliepop
The statistics page was removed for performance reasons and we don’t currently have plans to bring it back.

Even months later, people still often ask about this page and where it went, it would be super cool if we could get it back.

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Originally posted by Lawliepop
Elo takes privacy seriously and support industry efforts to reduce the use of personal information in advertising


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Thanks for the reply Lawlie.

An ability to quickly download a list of runs with a time, username, date and video url would be an ideal solution. Whether it is limited to those with a submitted run or not, as long as an individual with an interest in the relevant community can backup the data themselves then it would be sufficient.

Some of my own backups date back to the mid 2000's and the only large site still around from back then is SDA I believe.

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Hey @LawliepopLawliepop! I have tried to contact but still didn't get any response, to ANY of my feedback. I feel abandoned and forced to just accept anything you would like to "invent" with your tech group 🙁
Also about that "advantage" over other users... You mean advantage of not using adblock against ads?
If so then will other users be punished for using adblocks? If not why then adblock users are having advantage over me, user without adblock?
Or if it's not an advantage then would be great to know how do you see "advantage" from your point of view.
just clarifying 🙂 would be nice to have response. Will send additional feedback form, which won't get answer too 🙂
edit; apparently feedback form redirects to discord:

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They say some wait for an answer forever 🙂 I see that @CamcorderCamcorder answers in many topics, maybe i finally get a good answer? Or maybe i get at least 1 feedback reply? who knows...

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