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I just hopped on to check on new runs and discovered that my friend and I were both removed of mod status on Digimon World 4. I know that this is not a bug as the categories were completely reset, 4 were deleted outright and the remaining 2 had the rules rewritten. I was never contacted in any way that suggested I was handling the page poorly (I wasn't) instead my friend and I (the only people who run the game so far) were completely stripped of our status by Sparsie (Digimon series mod) out of nowhere. What can be done about this because I am genuinely furious. Any help appreciated.


I'll PM the series moderator and look into it. There was a bug letting super moderators remove super moderators, which pretty much fits the topic title. There's still something weird going on with the series moderators have power here button which may or may not have been fixed yet.

Did you have runs up on the board that were removed?

I'll follow up in the next couple days.


There were 2 runs in the categories that got removed that I had, yeah


Imo there is a need for Diskussion about the Digimon series in general. Simular thing happened to Digimon World DS, which was created by nickynoel. I understand that the Supermoderators of a series are supposed to look out for the whole series, but to edit categories/moderators for games of the series, even when the supermodaerators don't run those games, seems really odd to me. Especially when there is no attempt to have a conversation first, before making changes.

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Discussed some things with Digimon series super mod.

The assertion is that someone was screwing with the theme multiple times, and he didn't know exactly who or have a better way of dealing with it. I can have another admin spend time verifying this or someone can just tell me so I don't have to waste their time.

He says he discusses with numerous people in a Digimon Skype group, I asked him to add them all to super moderators for the series, and recommended they take discussion to the forum once in a while. He was a bit annoyed with some of the super moderator bugs and decisions people had made with "series moderators have power here". I asked him to restore mods to super mods and contact full mods or admins if he needs help handling something.

The other issue was with a disagreement on partial game categories, which is probably a discussion for another day, or perhaps just use the forums. There are now multiple people to discuss issues with in the series.

I encourage people to use the forums for discussion/documentation, and I am well aware that not having PMs makes moderation annoying at times.