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I found two games which are used to post fake speedruns. These are no speedruns of that game, instead there are random pictures and videos. The backgrounds also don't fit these games.

The first is "Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando/Locked & Loaded" (rank 1 any% at least). The second one is "Disney's Lilo & Stitch (GBA)".

Is there a way to report players who post spam runs and games which are solely used to post runs like this? Or is it intended to let these runs stay on this site? It is very annoying if you want to watch a speedrun and all you get are random pictures/videos.

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I agree with your sentiment, wesen. It is very discouraging to visit the leaderboard for an interesting game, only to find that the "community" seems more interested in making fun of the game than having fun playing it.

To be fair, wallyaldo has actually run the game and has videos of previous PB's, but the format in which his most recent run is posted doesn't make that clear. It looks like a joke, and it isn't helped by the way the rest of the page is presented.

While I do find it annoying, I'm not sure that the presentation of a game is grounds for reporting players. I do think that individual "runs" could be reported, such as the second place run on Lilo and Stitch

This is one of Wally's obsolete runs:

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Stupid question : Doesn't Ratchet & Clank community have its own leaderboards ?


I deleted the themes. Sorting through what's intended to be a real time and what isn't on is difficult on these boards.

There should presumably be a rule against attaching stupid pictures and fake videos to runs, but the site doesn't have a thorough rules section at this time. Meme themes on the whole board are more egregious.

Both of these boards have been this way for numerous months and predate moderator logs.

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He has a point. This is not what the site is for. And this guy's a mod.



He has a point. This is not what the site is for. And this guy's a mod.

There's a high chance this has been there for a very long time, because our logs show literally nothing. Therefore we can't be sure who did "that". What's sure is that wallyaldo verified this thing.

  [user deleted]

Game mod probably didn't even watch the video as it was a 3 hour time difference between 1st and 2nd place so, he probably just verified it and kept it moving.


Wesen's comment about R&C: Going Commando seems invalid, since the run in question does have a video of a legitimate run, however, I would also greatly be in favor of a "Report" option, rather than having to contact the mods manually and hope they respond. Ideally the report function could contact the game/series mods and then escalate it up to site admins if no action is taken after x days.

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Where is the video of that run? On this site there are only 4 pictures and one video with random music:

On his Twitch profile there is only a run that was done in 59:17, not in 58:26. That would be rank 2 and not rank 1.
I found that run here:


The video is on the run page you linked. That "video with random music" IS the run, they were just listening to music. It's not on their Twitch profile because the run was done on Hitbox.

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If neither of you are familiar with that game, it might be helpful to look deeper. I'm also not sure how much of the run you two are actually watching. I say this because I saw one of the runners of the game mention in a different thread that the leaderboard itself is a joke that got out of hand. I can't personally verify why that statement was made, but it may point to something that us non-runners may not immediately be able to distinguish.


I AM familiar with the game (I run its sequel), which is why I chimed in. Plenty of people take the game seriously, including the most popular R&C runner Xem92. What they were most likely referring to about the leaderboards being a "joke that got out of hand" was when it had a different background and whatnot, which has already been resolved.

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I think it's crucial to at least watch some of the run to see if the run is authentic. I understand one doesn't have to watch hours of runs to submit them, But at least see if it's an actual run.

I found some runs which I notice they don't confirm the level in options, But as far as the rules go, there are no level rules in those games. But if there were level rules I also wouldn't have these runs as authentic.

It's essencial to check videos before accepting them


...and you ¤¤HAD TO¤¤ necro this, didn't you?


LOL. Just watched the Ratchet & Clank video and obviously not a proper speedrun. They don't even have split sections set up and the girly music makes it unconvincing.


Nice necroing. Locking.

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