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@11 Only work on game rules, but not guides, which were my main point of the question (I forgot to specify that).


Is there support for escaping literal text? I had issues using asterisks, since it converts to italics, and I can't use a backslash to escape the asterisks.


I don't believe so.


Thank you, this is what I was looking for

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I still don’t understand how to table of contents, can someone help.



When you start a line with the '#' symbol, you mark that line to be an "h1" header, and the text will be bold and slightly bigger.
If you have h1 headers in your post/guide, a table of contents will be created automatically with them.





When you add a Header the TOC will add automatically






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Why can I not get almost anything to work? I need to update both a forum post and a rules page.

[pre] 4 spaces to the left[/pre] : in the forum this outputs "[pre] 4 spaces to the left[/pre]" (the tags included!), but on the rules page it outputs "[pre] 4 spaces to the left[/pre]" with all the extra spaces removed

[ol][/ol][ul][/ul][il][/il] : I can't get these tags to work anywhere, but I can mostly work around it

(double underscore)underlined text(double underscore) : underlines text in the rules page, but bolds text in a forum post

(center tag)Center Text(/center tag) : center tag works in a forum post, but not the rules page.

(three or four hypens) : does not make a horizontal line on a rules page or forum post

Honestly if I could get the pre tag to work, then everything else would be workable. I feel like SR.C's implementation of BBcode is about 5% and the shortcut markdown is about 50%. I have also failed to get any raw HTML to work (which I don't think is officially supported, but would have been a nice workaround).