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this is a temporary guide/cheat sheet on the topic of formatting options currently (as of 11/Apr/2020) available on SR.C.

A quick overview of terminology used in this guide and short explainations for those of you who have never used HTML or similar coding languages:

1. "Tags"
When I refer to something using a "tag" what I mean is that in HTML and BBCode you put certain words into "[ ]" square brackets to force a formatting option. You have to close these with "[/ ]"

2. Automatic Embedding/Transformation
SR.C embeds/transforms YouTube videos, some pictures and links as you'll see in examples below.

3. Header/Heading
These have different functions depending on the page type you use them on. For forum/guide posts the site will automatically create a table of contest as seen below this introduction.
On rules headers will usually only increase the font size and the space between the next normal text and the header.

4. Linebreaks
You may force a line break by adding two
empty spaces after a sentence and then pressing Enter for the break.

5. BBCode
This is a simplified version of HTML designed for text based forums.
It is currently primarily used for forum or guide posts. See below for specific information on it.

6. Markdown
An even simpler version of HTML designed for chat apps like Discord.
This was recently introduced for rules pages. See below for specific information on it.




Two asterisks '' infront and behind the text you want to display in a bold format

One asterisks '*' infront and behind the text you want to display in a italic format

Two '__' infront and behind the text you want to have underlined

Two '~~' infront and behind the text you want to display with a strikethrough

Use the "center" tag to have your text displayed in the center of the post



This is a quote using the "quote" tag normally

Originally posted by ShadowDraftYou may quote people by adding "quote=NAMEHERE" to the tag

Links are automatically turned into clickable text by the site

But you may also define a text with [ TEXTHERE ] ( LINKHERE ) (remove the spaces from the [] tag)
Still Google

Most pictures are automatically embedded by the site

Videos are also embedded by the site:



A single "#" will give you a header and the site will create a table of contents for you based on your existing headers (only supported for forum/guide posts not rules).
Please note that heading2 - 6 currently not work as you might expect/are used to and should only be used on rules.
Feel free to experiment with the different formatting on each header for your rules pages.

'# Heading 1'
'## Heading 2'
'### Heading 3'
'#### Heading 4'
'##### Heading 5'
'###### Heading 6'

Similar to BBCode you may format your text with asterisks '*' , underscores '_' and strikethrough '~'.




asterisks and _underscores_

You may have horizontal lines with 3x '-' it needs to be in it's own line though:


You may display code like this:

`single line code`

You may quote with '>'

> quote

You may make bullet point lists with '*'

• unordered
• list

or numbered lists '1.':

1. ordered
2. list

You may give links a name similar to BBCode `[NAMEHERE] (LINKHERE)` just need to remove the space between ] and (.
Please note that the link colour is using the primary colour you have set for your leaderboard under Edit theme:

embedded link

And finally you may display images like this:


! (picture link here)


Section 3 of the table of contents.

Cheat Sheet for BBCode:
Cheat Sheet for Markdown (not everything is working or mostly on rules. For forum posts/guides you'd want to use BBCode):

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Not necessary. The site is looking into using true Markdown. Thanks for making this through.

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It appears the formatting for rules pages has been updated to markdown.
The forums still seem to use BBCode (not sure if it works in guides and resources, i don't want to notify all followers of a game)

Here are some examples on how to use markdown for Rules:

There are some odd things i noticed (and that are displayed differently in my link):
• heading 2 is bigger than heading 1 and heading 4 is even bigger
• no borders on tables and no support for text alignment per column

It would be good to know which implementation of markdown is being used to properly prepare texts.

Edit: Markdown is currently not available for Guides and Resources

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@DaravaeDaravae could you confirm which markdown was implemented?

Edit: Looks like Markdown is either not implemented correctly or a global setting is overruling it. See #site-bugs on Discord.

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True markdown is working and Headings are not messed up.
A few headings / code that are part of Markdown (such as H1-H3) were disabled during the Markdown implementation due to its text size mostly. Not entirely sure on its implementation in guides and resources though, think that might be still an ongoing request.


Would be nice if you guys (mods) could temporary stick it until a guide of the fully implemented markdown is fixed

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Can you please specify how do I write quotes?
I tried using quote tags like this:
<quote> here is a quote </quote>
but it doesn't appear to be working.


Use square brackets, not angle brackets.

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I updated the guidelines with the Markdown changes and given a basic explaination on tags.

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Is markdown broke or have I made a rookie error?

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@hibnotixhibnotix The [ name ] ( link ) method doesn't work well if the name contains special characters. So you will have to get rid of the apostrophe after "Knuckles" (and apparently some of the other characters as well).

Some quick tests, to see what works and what not:

[Google' 1](
[Google: 2](
Google - 3
[Google (4)](
Google 5/6
Google, 7


Is there a way to post a link to YouTube in the forums/guides, without the video being automatically embedded?


@Oreo321Oreo321 Couldn't you put them as a link in the text? Test video

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I had some problems with writing headings (1-6) in the game rules, and I figured it out now.
There must not be any space between the "####" and the text after it, for the headings to have effect.

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how do i end quotes?
(edit: nvm i figured it out)

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Thank you!


Now, I realise that this thread is a year old and that this could well come off as nitpicky, but was there really no better choice of words for an important topic on a website of this nature than "Cheat sheet"?


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The term "Cheat sheet" is often used as "a set of notes for quick reference".
This is not related to cheating whatsoever.

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All other stickies are locked 🙁

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