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since I didn't see anything like this stickied or linked I thought to make life easier for people who like to structure their guides or posts a little more I would make a small guideline of what you currently (as of 04/Sep/2019) can do in terms of formatting on




Bold - Two asterisks
Italic - One asterisks
Underline - Two __
Strikethrough - Two ~~

- Use the "center" tag


This is a quote using the "quote" tag normally

Originally posted by ShadowDraftYou can quote people by adding "quote=NAMEHERE" to the tag

https:/​/​www.​google.​de/​ - Links are automatically turned into clickable text by the site

Still Google - But you can also define a text with [ TEXTHERE ] ( LINKHERE ) (remove the spaces from the [] tag) - Most pictures are automatically embedded by the site

- Videos are also embedded by the site



This enables the use of "#" which will give you a header and the site will create a table of contents for you based on your existing headers.
Unfortunately as far as I know only "#" h1 header is supported.



Section 3 of the table of contents.

Cheat Sheet for BBCode: https:/​/​www.​bbcode.​org/​reference.​php
Cheat Sheet for Markdown (only "#" is working for anything else just use BBCode): https:/​/​github.​com/​adam-p/​markdown-here/​wiki/​Markdown-Cheatsheet

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Not necessary. The site is looking into using true Markdown. Thanks for making this through.

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