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Where did you see me talk about abusing moderator privileges?

You don't need mod privileges to do enormous damage. I could go and fuck shit up severely on at least 3 full-game leaderboards right now without using any of my moderator rights. Obviously I'm not going to, but what if I WAS that emotionally unstable person, what then?


@ss. I'm quite sure you haven't read any of the links in Kirkq's first post or anything else anyone has told you.

You have to be trolling at this point, what part of "ban" do you not seem to understand or rolling back a leaderboard after the damage is done if its that excessive?

What, did you think regular users who go around submitting fake runs and using alts is okay or something? Because its on the same stage for a ban and restoration if its needed.

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Where is this conversation even going?

For us to answer whatever it is you're asking, you're gonna need to actually get to the point.

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Curious about this line from the moderation rules (regarding user permissions):


Can edit their own runs. This may require the run to be re-verified by a moderator

I was under the impression that any edit would always require a re-verification. Is that not the case, or should this say that it will require re-verification?


As far as I know (and someone else might correct me on this), any edit would require a re-verification, but an edit by a moderator can keep its verification status via moderator privileges.

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And an edit on a non-v board won't require reverification, so "may" is right.

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@AmoebaUKAmoebaUK At that point what difference does it make? The runner is listed as anonymous nor is the video part of the listing. Let it go.


@AmoebaUKAmoebaUK No, you seem to miss the point. They can still list a time without a runner or video on the board, that time is not tied to anything whatsoever on the leaderboard. Is it stupid? Yes, but it's considered fine. This is a different issue with them not following their own ruleset and that's something that should be taken up with some of the other mods but I assume because the mods may had reviewed that particular time before they might consider it still fine to list even though its still kinda stupid.

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Why? Because your runs are clearly extremely relevant and affect the categories they were in. If there is no legitimate reason beyond yet another bs speedrunning squabble I too would be annoyed that you want to remove them. I've had to deal with this horse shit multiple times now, people go all emo and delete everything then resubmit after a few months when their brain comes back, stop it. Just talk it out like normal people.


This is pretty much exactly the kind of thing I was talking about. Not the way to deal with this. If they just list a time without a name and a video that still stresses you out? If they remove it they are still gonna talk about it, unavoidable. You can't remove yourself from the game's history and you shouldn't, just a poor way to handle this. On top of that it's just a dick move to the community. Leaderboard becomes inaccurate, strats/routing/execution of a top run become hidden. Lame.


Well, nonetheless we aren't going to go marching into a games leaderboard and remove a time that has no video/runner attached to it when the mods are obviously very aware of who/what exactly caused that time to get on the board. Even if that time was removed, as Talic said you are never going to stop them from talking about that time, ever and people will always ask about it as well and mods will always keep talking about it, it makes no difference right now if that time alone was removed from the board.

As it stands right now, aside of the mods not really listening to their own ruleset they aren't doing anything wrong. The time on the board could be anyones, could be mine as far as anyone knows, if you don't like it then toughen up about it and walk away as you have been or you could always reinstate that empty slot with your video of that run and re-attach things which if you ever did change your mind I highly doubt the mods on the board would ever reject it.

There's no gray area here, it is what it is presented as and we still follow the sites rules regarding these cases.


You don't get the final say because there is literally nothing listed on the leaderboard anymore aside of a single time that again could belong to anyone, as much as you don't want to admit this, there is no actual issue here.


I mean if the run isn't listed with your vod, or your name, I don't see the issue. Just don't click on the leaderboard. You can't delete the memory of your run's existence from someone's mind. You might not agree with their solution, but who cares? Just move on.

Also, it's my PB anyways. I just asked them to list it as anonymous. I don't appreciate you trying to take credit for it.

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Amoeba you're my boy but I also don't see what the issue is if at this point there's no actual identifying information on the leaderboard. I personally fall more on the side of keeping the leaderboard data intact where reasonably possible, but I get that in specific cases a runner might have a legitimate reason to not want their information on the board. Maybe they have a real reason for not wanting their name/video to be present. In this case, neither are present and I don't think you can ask any more of the staff.

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"The following rules will be strictly enforced:
• Do not list a player's runs on a leaderboard if they explicitly do not want it listed."

Maybe you want to reword that, staff.

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"• Do not list a player's runs on a leaderboard if they explicitly do not want it listed."

Note that it doesn't say "times" and that's what's being listed.

"• If a player does not want their top time listed, it is acceptable to just not list the top time. It is also acceptable to list a top time with the username "Anonymous" and no video linked. An anonymized reuploaded video may be used only with the explicit permission of the player."

Entirely within the rules.

An addendum: Part of what makes the internet a good thing is you being able to see stuff from everyone across the globe. There is a downside to that. That also means that anything you put out there is out there forever, as someone else has seen it and may share it in the future. So ultimately, if you don't want something on the internet, then the best course of action is to never put it on the internet to begin with, because once it's out there, it's going to stay out there in some form forever.


The rules, as they are written, leave little room for interpretation. "The following rules will be strictly enforced: Do not list a player's runs on a leaderboard if they explicitly do not want it listed."

But the runs are listed, even though the player explicitly does not want them listed. What happened to the "strict enforcement" promised by the rules? We have 3 site staff who are all applying a different interpretation to what's very clearly worded.

So change it. This is the rules feedback thread and we had 3 different staff come fill up the forum page with debate over the technicality that the runs aren't "runs" if there's no name on them. I'm not trying to get the rule changed, hell I agree with it and I have applied it to my own boards. I'm trying to make the wording clear. This is a no-brainer.

I suggest "Do not list any of a player's personal data on a leaderboard if they explicitly do not want it listed."

Can full mods even edit the rules page? Why are they all piling on trying to shut down a simple request for clarification?


@6oliath6oliath Can't you find something better to do. I mean the rules leave little to no room for interpretation on purpose.

Like, there is no debate runner and video is removed from the leaderboard, you don't legally own the time itself as people for some reason think they do. If people want to track that, let them because at the end of the day it solves both issues.


An individual doesn't own a piece of data. A time being listed under 'Anonymous' is just that; simply data. This should be fairly obvious to anyone.

Their ID handle is their identify, their video is content both recorded and produced by them. They have a right to request us to obfuscate those two things. This is the key difference.

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