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as above, who does that? head admin, mods?


Mods of any game series can also add a game to the series without having to request IIRC, though with the recent hack I don't know if that privilege has been restored to series mods yet

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hm, even though it seems there are some people working on it, it takes very long to verify. thanks for answers


Expected time is a couple weeks. That's not very long when you consider how many requests they get.

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"Requests are checked manually by site staff so it might take up to 1-2 weeks depending on available time."
couple weeks, you say? then they should update this information.


Like you and among so many other annoying users, your submission has only been pending for a week. Take a hike and go speedrun until we can catch up, I can be passive aggressive too y'know. There's a reason why we generally don't bother with many of the threads here, this thread is another example of why.

I've said it countless times but it'll get dealt with once we reach that point, your game isn't the only one waiting. There's nothing more to it than that, there's tons of games submitted all the time. Patience is key.

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"Requests are checked manually by site staff so it might take up to 1-2 weeks depending on available time."
couple weeks, you say? then they should update this information.

A couple weeks is 1-2 weeks...

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@Dangerless sorry, i didn't mean to be passive-aggressive, just confused... some requests get accepted after 1 day, and there a guy says a couple of weeks, while on site it says 1-2 weeks...
@Liv no, couple is 2 at least


whoa, they was right that the speedrunning community is so toxic... now i see


Says the guy that complains about his game request not being accepted in less than a week.

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I've never quite understood why it does take so long. Seems like a game either should be approved or it shouldn't be, and it should take about 5 seconds to decide that. So if there's 100 games waiting, that might be half an hour's work or so. It is apparently more complicated than that, but my various attempts to find out why have been met with degrees of sarcasm, vagueness, secrecy and scorn. I've stopped trying to understand it.


lmao yeah the speedrunning community is toxic because you're getting picked on for arguing over semantics. nobody tell em about /srg/

@emeraldaly I'm certain they receive dozens of requests a day on top of everything else the site mods have to deal with. Furthermore they have to determine whether a game should be on the site or not. Honestly there's so many threads on this in the past that asking the question instead of just clicking through the forums is pretty annoying, thus the response.

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where did i got angry/complained about it? i was just confused and asked how many people are working on it. if i wanted to complain, i would have kept it to myself, i dont like starting drama and i feel bad when i do


On top of it, of course i would risk getting banned by my first forum post ever. I am not that stupid.


@emeraldaly It doesn’t take 5 seconds to determine if a game request should be accepted. Granted, I don’t know the process, but I can assume there’s multiple steps to it.

- Make sure the game doesn’t already exist on the site.
- Check the provided information link about the game to make sure the game is fully released as well as to better understand the type of game it is (which can help to verify the incoming run).
- Verify the run. You can’t approve a game request if the run isn’t legit. I’m not sure if the full run is always watched, but I know they watch a good portion of it at least.
- Part of the above is to also make sure that a legit attempt was made at the run (ie. the run shows some attempt at routing and strats as opposed to a playthrough).

I’m sure there’s a number of games that probably can be rejected in 5 seconds like all the crappy flash ones, but I’d imagine that a legit game request takes more thinking and research than you’re thinking it does.

Again I could be off base about what is actually done, but the above is what I can guess the process is based off of what I’ve seen Mods say over the years about the process.

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People have lives outside of this site and some times of the year many countries have celebrations and holidays so there is that to consider too. December tends to be a wash at least in the USA. I was half expecting my request to get evaluated after New Years, but that did not happen so that's cool.

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