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Hello I requested a game called p.i.g but it got rejected as "We don't accept Flash Games anymore". So I was thinking... you started to reject those games because too much spam right? But you can still allow them and prevent the spam if you can make people pay for Flash Games to be approved !

I will pay for p.i.g to be approved.
Plz approve p.i.g


"you started to reject those games because too much spam right?"
No, they started rejecting those games because 99.9% of them are very short and very trivial, and we really don't need to track every single tiny simplistic flash game in existence here.

"if you can make people pay for Flash Games to be approved"
This is a terrible idea for very obvious reasons. If a game shouldn't be tracked on the site then it shouldn't be tracked on the site. End of story.

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ok then start to clean out every trivial game that has very little runs submitted, sounds cool


they aren't getting cleaned out; feel free to run those games already on the site.


@dha Games that already exist and have runs won't be removed, although they may be archived in the future if/when that is possible.

Seems like you just want this out of spite though.

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All or nothing, I don't like the fact that only the games alredy submitted can stay. There are better games out there


Well you may not like it but that's just how it is. We used to accept these kinds of games and now we don't. But we don't want to just outright delete existing data. Again, ideally those boards would be "archived" somehow but there's currently no way to do that.

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Reminder that you can create your own leaderboard with google docs or something, or just run without a leaderboard.

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Hold on. "We don't accept Flash Games anymore" Is that the actual policy?


Not entirely no (at least not to my knowledge).

Unless it’s been changed recently, Flash Games can still be accepted but they are held to much higher scrutiny than other games due to their often short play time and similar play structure.

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Originally posted by Game Request PageAt this time, we are not adding the following: Visual novels, short/trivial flash games, non-video game activities.

it says "short/trivial" flash games, so as long as your flash game has a proper length & isn't a 5 minute experiment of the dev (like 99% of flash games are) it'll still get accepted.

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glad to know i can still speedrun john cena's sexy highschool adventure

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You're telling me I can't get my free WR in games made by children?

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So on the subject of the game in question, based on those rules I am surprised it didn't get accepted. Maybe I'm underestimating the complexity requirements, but it seems to have some unique mechanics compared to many Flash platformers, at least from a let's play I just watched for it. It also looked like it was polished enough to not call it a small experiment from the creator. I could also easily see it denied based on the submission not being clear enough in this aspect.


It's less than 5 minutes cuz I'm a good speedrunner

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@dha The length of the speedrun isn't what's being judged, it's more about how much content the game has. Plenty of older games can be beaten in less than a minute with some sort of credits warp, but that doesn't say anything about how much content the game actually has, as it would take many hours to play through those games normally.

When a game has less than 5 minutes worth of content in its entirety and can easily be beaten in less than 5 minutes casually on a first playthrough, that's where we start drawing the line (though note that 5 minutes isn't a hard limit, everything is still going to be judged case-by-case).

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but this rule is only applied to flash games right? eerherhremmm dragster ehrherhrem


I give up. I'm just trying to help you understand the rulings the site has made, but it seems like all you're interested in is twisting things to your own benefit. Your dumb flash game isn't going to get added onto the site. Just move on.

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The misunderstanding is that "flash game" is synonymous with "bad game" in this case, as they often are.

But I think a more important thing to understand is that you do not need SRC to speedrun a game. You don't need a leaderboard. You can speedrun a game with, or without.

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For the side of popularity, there are 27 p.i.g runs with video / screenshot proof, as this game was part of an official kongregate tournament, here's the spreadsheet with all the times for p.i.g: