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Hey everyone (and yes i mean everyone, but mostly those that have an account)

I wanna see how many likes a post can get (and hopefully break the system by getting to many).
If you wanna help all you gotta do is hit the like button.

please spread the word

To those that liked: Thank you ❤️ <3 ❤️


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You should probably use a different approach if you want to farm likes

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Well, seems like it's gonna take some time to break that Kappa

Why does this site have to be coded correctly in the first place ? OpieOP


@tdawg91 thanks for the responce that you dont wanna help.

@xDrHellx my hypothesis was that the likebar might break/gets to big from to many likes thats why i started this. and a bit of a social experiment included on a side note.



Not happening.


Not that I want to ruin your experiment, but the like bar worked fine when testing it with 2.7k likes.
Memory and CPU usage of the browser was kinda silly though 😛
The notification will probably get too long to look ok at some point (and if it has more than 2-10k names it'll get truncated too) but an update I was already working will even fix that.

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@bosz123 thanks for the responce that you dont wanna help.

@Lighnat0r will dislike button be included in that update?




dislike button
Watch the negativity man.

But no, it's basically a backend only update in preparation of (hopefully) more exciting stuff.
So the only time you would notice the update is if I screwed something up.
Other than the small change of like notifications with more than 10 'likers' becoming 'X people like your post' instead of '[huge list of names] like your post', that is 🙂

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