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Originally posted by PegasDoggeAMnow game tags useless?

Pretty much. Though they weren't particularly useful in the first place.


Now its completely useless. Its reason for delete tags page except series thing I guess,maybe I missed smth KomodoHype


I do wish you could search games by genre. I play pretty much exclusively racing games and I only own a PC.
So if there was one additional drop down menu, my ideal search would be "PC" "Most players" "Racing".
Currently my best option is just "PC" and "Most Players" and scroll until I see something that looks like a racing game.

The current search function helps in 2 categories: Finding the games of your gaming system and finding the games that other people play. I think it's missing the function to find the type of game that you yourself would enjoy. An extra drop down menu for genre/tag would help mitigate that.

p.s. Sorry @ShikenNuggetsShikenNuggets, tags were useful to me. Hopefully to some other people too. I can't be the only one who enjoys speedrunning just a few genres, or just 1 in my case.... Probably.... xd


I don't know if this is intentional or not.

But when adding a new game we can't set the release date as being in the future, only as the current present date or a date in the past. Is there a reason for this?


Originally posted by Uniwersaltags were useful to me... I can't be the only one who enjoys speedrunning just a few genres

The main problem was that they were write-in, and as a result there were like 20 different variations of "action-adventure" since there was no consistent spelling for anything, it was just whatever people had decided to type in (same problem with all tags). The whole system was a cluttered mess and hard to use because of that. Genre definitions are also extraordinarily vague. What the heck does "action-adventure" or "RPG" or "puzzle" mean, exactly? We have a general idea of what these things are referring to (our own idea that doesn't line up with everybody else's), but these terms are so generic that probably 95% of all games could apply all 3 of those "genres". It's meaningless.

Granted, something like "Racing" is a lot more well-defined, but even that can be somewhat ambiguous. For games with racing elements (perhaps even entire racing segments/categories) that are not primarily focused on those elements, such as Jak 3 or Batman Arkham Knight, should those be tagged as racing games? Someone like you might be interested in them or their racing elements, so maybe they should be, but I also would never consider either of those to be Racing games (and if I did tag Arkham Knight as racing, I'd also have to tag it as Shooter, RPG, Puzzle, Stealth, and 15 other things that it doesn't really tick the box for).

Is it better than nothing? Perhaps. But it's a very faulty system, and I think relying on it to find your next speedgame is a mistake (and relying on games being tagged properly, which they aren't, and as described above it's unclear what "properly" actually means).

The other tags, like "Engine", or "Publisher", are just not useful sorting criteria at all, IMO.

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Yes, it definitely was a cluttered mess before. Maybe a solution could be to give some predetermined genres. Like 30 or more most used genres and a misc or unknown option for those really obscure games that don't really fall into any genre. Main thing would be to cover the most basic stuff like 2-d platformer, 3-d platformer, real time strategy, first person shooter, etc. Could check the currently most used tags on this site to determine which genres are most used.

I don't know anything about programming so this kinda stuff might be too much work to implement right now, but just throwing an idea out there.

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