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The Games / Series pages have had a big overhaul. They're now cleaner and a lot faster than before. To improve efficiency, some options like being able to search by Publisher have been removed, but I hope not too many people will miss those.

In addition, games that have ROM hacks and Category Extensions now have those linked to in their sidebars.

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Looks like the search option I used most often for browsing all games was removed: sort by date added to the site. Was this moved to somewhere else?


Right now the site staff manages it. You can ask us if you want to link them.

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Pissed that you no longer can sort by playercout, please fix!


Selecting "Most Active" will let you sort by active player count.


Which indeed shows games by active runners, but there used to be an option to sort games by player count. As in how many players have run said game in total. Not to be confused by run count mind you.

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One thing I think could be added that existed on the prior /games but not on this one is the search function. The older search function on /games seemed more thorough than the one in the navbar, for example:

This game: https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​Atma

Cannot seem to found in the navbar search, (the search on /Games did) it just returns a ton of Batman Games. An alternative would be maybe allowing quotes, like Google Search does, to allow for an exact match so if "Atma" is searched for, it will return Atma and only Atma.

Also appears to be a bug with 'show unofficial games by default' on series pages: https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​post/​6uq2b

Edit: Also new games/series pages don't show Japanese titles. 👀

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Thanks for the awesome update! It's so much faster!

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hey, so suggestion. why have all of these things like: earliest/oldest, when you can just keep one and have a toggleable switch (named somthin like ''view last first'' for viewing the last results first? i feel like this would make the search less clutered and easier to navigate

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also still waiting on sort by playercount to return BlessRNG


@xenkaroshixenkaroshi We already have Most/Least Active and Most/Least Runs. Adding Most/Least players to the mix of that is pretty redundant and would just yield in having 3 different search types that result in almost identical results. No need to have so many similar dropdown search options, it just makes it more clustered.


Everyone's free to have an opinion, I don't agree that it would be redundant though. The whole point with a feedback thread is to give just that, and that's the search function I solely relied on before this new update for the past 2y. The most useful search order imo is MIA and I would like it back. Blessed be the mod whom fulfills this plebs wish BlessRNG


Personally I prefer the idea of sorting by players rather than runs, since players is a better measure of a game's overall popularity compared to runs being fairly arbitrary depending on how many categories there are. Not sure if that really matters, though.

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Yes, I agree, I believe that sorting through with the total player amount in mind is better than actual run amount. Mainly since there may be games with a TON of categories and 1 run in each of them done once by a single player (like a racing game with 100 tracks) and an RPG that might take 5 hours to complete and was played by 10 people for also 100 runs total. Nothing wrong with either of them, but this search gives rather different kind of results. Someone who uses this search function is most likely looking for either only former or the latter example, not both.

Changing the most/least runs to most/least total players might give people a more accurate search.

Or could just not remove anything and add the most/least players anyway even though it might yield rather similar results and look a bit more clustered, but hey, more data choices is almost always nice.

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btw, removing the ability to load games by pages is hella slow when you try to go through all the games in the NES library. Which is something I typically do all the time just to see how many people runs what (which hey, about that player count).
If I wanna sort games now, I have to go by lowest or highest run account and start from one end then go to the other. Because loading in about 400-500 games at once seems to slow down alot.

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It's been a while since the last time I was able to load the games page without almost freezing my browser, good job there.

I can't say the same for replacing a system with pages with the "load more" design. I absolutely hate that practice on any site, I hope you rethink that one.