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How long does it normally take to get a run approved. I have a video and all. I'm submitting a run for Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!


It depends on the moderator(s) of the game when (s)he looks at it, some people look here everyday, some once a week (, some request the game and then forget about it).


All runs are validated manually which means, as Trollbear666 said, it will depend on the mods of the game. Just took a quick look at the mods of Mike Tyson's Punch-out and the active mod was on 4 hours ago, and is in Sweden. This means they will likely either look back tonight or should hopefully look back again tomorrow and verify your time.

IF, and only if your submission isn't accepted within a reasonable time frame, there is a thread to request moderator status of a game. This is only to be used as a last resort and should not be abused.


Okay. I've been waiting about a week, so I'll just keep checking


If you've been waiting a week, and there are 2 mods that have been active within that week, I would suggest asking for mod in the thread I posted above then.


You should probably play NES games on a more widely accepted emulator like FCEUX. Many mods may reject due to not wanting to set a precedent for playing on obscure emulators.

Not to mention you uploaded 11 minutes of footage for a 1 minute run. You're asking the mods to sort through 10x more video than necessary to find the relevant part. If you can't bother to make your video concise and to the point, why should they bother taking time to review it?


Oh alright. I got an even better time anyways, so I'll post that.