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Just out of blatant curiosity, a while ago I tried to implement a similar-ish points system for a series of games I run. No matter how many different things I've adjusted to try to make it actually representative, it was, and still is, horrifically unbalanced, within a single series. I cannot imagine how you could possibly make any kind of global point system actually work as intended when I can't even get it to work for a single series of like 4 fairly similar games.

The whole conceit of this is kinda silly from the start because "best speedrunner" is extraordinarily subjective. But even if everyone could agree on what that even means and how to objectively define it using nothing other than leaderboard data (leaderboard rankings aren't a terrible metric, but it's only one aspect of speedrunning), you'll never come up with a system that actually rewards being a "good" speedrunner (whatever that even means), that also can't be exploited with relatively little effort by people that only care about the points.

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Other than what people have mentioned already, there was already sort of a "points" system before regarding how many categories or games people have run. That just encouraged a handful of people to request tons of games that they never run again. A lot of people who had "the most games ran" were people that just did a single run of the first level of a game, often on an emulator. Overall, I think this just got to be pointless, and a MASSIVE waste of server space. There are a TON of categories on that frankly a little effortless/sorta lazy. Without a system to actively filter runs and rate how many "points" they'd be worth, there's no real good way to represent who has accomplished the most "impressive" runs.

If there was a much more rigorous process to adding categories to a game, I'd say it could maybe work. At this point though, making a comprehensive point system would take an insane amount of tedious work that overall would probably result in something still arbitrary.

For example, there are several games that have categories of literally going and just pressing credits in an options menu.

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