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If you look at a profile of someone who runs a lot of 'Fangames' (I wanna be the Boshy style games), their profiles are super long and imo untidy, rather than neat and condensed.

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Hi. Someone submitted an IL which uses milliseconds. He input "5", which translated to .005, however we do believe this translated to 500 back in the day.


Shouldn't it be 005 since the timer usually says 5 and 500 was an error.

Meaning like most of the site times are wrong...


Entering 5 could autocomplete to 005 to make it obvious.

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On the topic of milliseconds. First of all, I'm not sure how far back you are talking about when you say "back in the day", but if you mean prior to the new layout, then no, the site did not translate 5 ms to 0.5 seconds. (I'm not sure if it did at some point, but for the last two years or so it at least hasn't) Secondly, it really shouldn't because it would be mathematically incorrect. 5 ms is not 0.5 seconds it is 0.005 seconds.

One solution, and in my opinion a better one, would be to allow for decimal input in the seconds field. That way you could get rid of the millisecond field all together. Not sure how feasible that is, might the depend on the backend, but in that case it would at the very least be unambiguous.

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When an in-game timers lists a time like 1:23.4, entering 4 for that last field makes more sense than 400 when you're not thinking about what ms means, and you're just matching what's displayed.

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Hey so can we have custom themes back?


Oof, don't come by too often and got bombed by a new theme, not particularly sure why, given some folks are saying the opposite seems like something to mention, but everything is taking waaaaay longer to load with this new "layout" ESPECIALLY searches and the games tab/page in general (I'm on Chrome, don't know if it's something specific to that or not). I'm firmly in the "why are we fixing things that aren't broken" camp but at this point I'm getting used to the fact that sites are just going to keep making themselves look blander and more horrid and changing for zero reason


@chaos42666chaos42666 actually, except for /games & series pages in general (which is most likely a bug) the site loads almost twice as fast on every page now.

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@PacPac Having day and night modes is great! It would be even better if there were an option to automatically change the theme if `@media (prefers-color-scheme: light)` or `@media (prefers-color-scheme: dark)` is set. Maybe that could even be the default.


I did love my scrolling cookies down on my profile page. Also had a couple scrolling backgrounds on some games that were really nice. Missing those.


@HowDenKingHowDenKing not on my machine/connection it doesn't, not at ALL


@chaos42666chaos42666 since you're using chrome, could you use the diagnostic on there and send that to Pac for investigation?
something is definitely not right on your end.


@i_o_li_o_l and @thisishowmymindworksthisishowmymindworks
i know! It makes sense that 5ms revers to 0.005 seconds. But like @ZenicReverieZenicReverie mentioned, if my time was 1.23:4, obviously it ain't 1:23.004. So it actually makes sense just for submissions sake.


It isn't really a mistake / bug, it's an intentional choice.

That said, whether users have to type 500 to get 500 milliseconds, or 005 to get 5 milliseconds it makes less sense, at least in my opinion, to have the latter be the case with users having to input a preceding single 0 or double 00.

Someone has to go out of their way to include the extra digits, and it makes more sense to have to type a value of 500 into the field if you're meaning 500. If people are unaware that 1:23.4 would equate to a value in the 400 milliseconds field, that's more of a lack of knowledge on the user's part, and having the field work around that seems counterintuitive.

On the topic of scrolling backgrounds/animated backgrounds: if those come back in any way, please give some site-wide setting to disable those alone without disabling everything else (like BGs, themes etc). GIFs are something I wish could be entirely disabled site-wite from a user's end (I've mostly resorted to adblock until now) because those on weaker PCs (especially old end laptops) get hit with a bunch of high res gifs that make their CPU use far more power than it should be using.

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Hey folks, just to update you: I've been working on the second round of amendments (there are a lot) and I'm hoping to push them live in the next few days.

Tiny preview:

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Panel Opacity,
or: "Return of the bright pink / green backgrounds with unreadable text.


@HowDenKingHowDenKing The brightness of the panel colour has a maximum and the opacity has a minimum.


I mean backgrounds, but it's nice to hear that opacity has a minimum,
however I wonder how long until someone puts a background that is pure #ff00ff with whatever the minimum opacity is.

I thought the new layout was partially because of this?