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Whatever you're doing now allows this to happen: https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​thecave
Can't spot the problem? The top nav links are the exact same color as the nav bar. Instant fail.

While I appreciate your efforts, as someone who has been designing and building websites for over 20 years, I'd be very careful about giving users control over the UI.


I miss the button that used to be on the stream page that let me sort from lowest to highest viewers.

That's all.

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Hopefully it can be updated to not require manually using custom css to bring back a thing that was lost to an update, yeah? 😃 I like (empty) because it notifies me to not click on something to see if it's empty or not.

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I'm not sure if these have been suggested yet, but insofar as getting themes to work well on day mode: one way would be to let mods pick colors and backgrounds specifically for day mode and specifically for night mode. Another way would be putting a semi-transparent layer in front of backgrounds in day mode to lighten them, and creating lighten/darken functions to transform the chosen text colors for a game to be a more legible variant of themselves in a given mode (darker in day mode, lighter in night mode).

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default should be night mode. the white and green not only looks bad, but is kind of blinding considering there aren't many things on the web page that arent also pure white. the reason youtube's white background works is because its also got other things on the page cluttering it from being blinding/ugly. idk. i feel as if the default should also show the custom background, it makes the leaderboard page more interesting to newcomers.

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Now when I tried the Nightmode it doesn't show the names in green, but if whitemode should even exist you need to make the name colors visible. I don't mind the new DarkMode theme though, do whatever you want, I'm just glad if I can browse easily here.

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Okay, why did "darkmode" become an emote, this is a new issue to me. Come on, we don't use them that often.

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There's a design flaw with the Misc. menu. if you have a lot of Misc. categories (or in the Super Metroid ROM Hacks board's case, a lot of ROM hacks), you can't get access to the top category. It's behind the header.

Here, (2019) Ascent was recently added, but I cannot access it from the drop-down menu.

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@CanadianOwlCanadianOwl at that point why do you even have it set up like this?
Firstly, you already have a series dedicated to adding hacks, so having them listed in a single game seems redundant,
Secondly, IF you're adding them all in one game, why not use the IL list, which is better suited for a list like this?

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but I still kinda wanna know the reasoning behind using the least suited option.

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@HowDenKingHowDenKing we chose this way because then we have the same mods for all romhacks rather than anyone being able to request, but also (and most importantly) because it groups all the romhacks under one heading in your profile rather than each romhack looking like a separate game, which is a lot cleaner for profiles that have a lot of romhacks. We trialled it by submitting runs to both a singular page and each individual page and afaik nobody disagreed with grouping them being better, so now all new hacks are added to the one page and we don't have to create any new game pages. Hope that answers your question.


If you look at a profile of someone who runs a lot of 'Fangames' (I wanna be the Boshy style games), their profiles are super long and imo untidy, rather than neat and condensed.

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Hi. Someone submitted an IL which uses milliseconds. He input "5", which translated to .005, however we do believe this translated to 500 back in the day.


Shouldn't it be 005 since the timer usually says 5 and 500 was an error.

Meaning like most of the site times are wrong...


Entering 5 could autocomplete to 005 to make it obvious.

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On the topic of milliseconds. First of all, I'm not sure how far back you are talking about when you say "back in the day", but if you mean prior to the new layout, then no, the site did not translate 5 ms to 0.5 seconds. (I'm not sure if it did at some point, but for the last two years or so it at least hasn't) Secondly, it really shouldn't because it would be mathematically incorrect. 5 ms is not 0.5 seconds it is 0.005 seconds.

One solution, and in my opinion a better one, would be to allow for decimal input in the seconds field. That way you could get rid of the millisecond field all together. Not sure how feasible that is, might the depend on the backend, but in that case it would at the very least be unambiguous.

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When an in-game timers lists a time like 1:23.4, entering 4 for that last field makes more sense than 400 when you're not thinking about what ms means, and you're just matching what's displayed.

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Hey so can we have custom themes back?