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Apart from one of my leaderboards I've tested so far, I've been having trouble reimplementing my wallpapers. They're not loading, and I've tried a few things like using a .png as opposed to when I originally used .jpg files.

EDIT: Want to note that other things haven't been loading either, like custom logos. I can't really tell why some of my themes have gone back to working "fine" while some aren't loading at all despite appearing on the edit theme page.

Also, has anyone else felt it's hard to read text with night mode. I am a night mode user and ofc it being tied into being able to sometimes see themes, if they aren't broken, means it's necessary for me to enable it regardless. But I actually had to enable my one addon, Dark Reader, on and it's able to better render the page for me, and I don't have to stare as long at a page to read stuff. Here's some comparison screenshots: https:/​/​imgur.​com/​a/​TPquRe3


Theme has to have theme color set up in order for theme to actually be applied, as far as I have seen. Also don't use png for backgrounds.

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I can counter that by noting I had checked one of my leaderboards that had not been touched since the revision happened, before I had applied a new theme color for it, and it had loaded it's background. However, you are correct that setting a theme color seems to correct the issue in most cases.


Sorry to double post but one issue that has immediately arisen for me personally was that I had actually previously used a small tiled image to create a patterned effect appropriate to the game I made it for, but now that the theme system defaults to stretching an image out only, my illusion is completely ruined.

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I'm sure this has been posted before somewhere in the thread, but I don't really agree with the lack of customisation on Light mode. Especially now that the background option appears to exist again, it's basically making Light mode the same as disabling custom themes all together, which for those of us who want to use light mode over dark mode is somewhat disappointing.

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@PacPac thanks for responding.

As you said the functionality is still there for the pre-made themes, i suggest the if pre-made themes were brought back that they would be located on the themes page at the bottom below all the other options and a user can choose wether or not they want one but all other theme options will over ride it. The pre-made themes can just be available to donators as normal users do not have access to the themes page and it will act as another way to entice users to donate, so they can have access to this feature


There definitely should be some sort of outline around name text. Red name on, say, orange background is no good:

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thanks for the updates! i'd absolutely love the background positioning/scrolling/etc. options back. i appreciate you being responsive to feedback, and i hope you figure out a satisfactory way to get themes working on light mode. 🙂


Personally I'd vouch mainly for bringing back the unscaled tiling of backgrounds (tile backgrounds option basically), as the removal of that feature has kind of hurt the theme design I had going originally on a couple leaderboards, and making a new large image replicating the effect will have space and scaling issues.

Also, MLSTRM is right, it is weird to make it mandatory to only use one viewing mode over the other to get themes. I think it would be wise to have theme viewability as separate from day/night mode.


@PacPac Since the new update I have noticed in the Main Sonic Series that certain games have appeared which don't belong there, as in they're are ROM hacks and not official games. How would I go about getting them moved off the main Sonic series and to the Sonic Fan Series section?


i appreciate the ability to change the footer color back to what it used to be but i genuinely think that green is one of the worst color choices for footer design


@neuroneuro the footer (foot = bottom) is colourless and always has been,
the only thing that has a colour change is the header (head = top)

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Small visual bug when loading/refreshing a game page.
All the subcategories of the game are displayed at first, then only the ones related to the displayed category and then the leaderboard loads the runs.
Don't know if this can be fixed but it would be a bit cleaner not having this huge list of subcategories displayed during a few frames.
EDIT: Instead of showing all the subcategories and then hiding them with the "display: none", you could probably do the inverse by hiding them all at first and only display the ones you need with "display: block".

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Can we bring back the "empty" text next to a category's name when said category is empty? It really helps to see which games are actually have runs submitted.

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for the time being you can use this css to add it back for yourself,


a.nav-item.nav-link.category.empty:after {
content: " (empty)";
content: " (empty)";


use a browser plugin like "user CSS" on chrome to add it in,
the plugin will do the rest automatically.