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First off, thank you for making an effort to address the common issues so quickly after the layout's debut. 🙂

Second, I have some suggestions to offer:

Originally posted by Pac3. Day Mode is default instead of Night Mode
I haven't decided what to do about this yet, because I want to give equal weight to them. I welcome suggestions.

In the case of SRC, I'd suggest making Dark Mode the default and Light Mode the alt-toggle. The vanilla themes of every previous iteration of SRC were dark mode, so it would seem odd to flip the default style at this point; it would just come across as change for the sake of change.


4. Themes don't load on Day Mode
Unfortunately, I can't do much about this. I've tried everything to get themes using light colours (like pink / yellow) to look good on Day Mode, but it just doesn't work. Again, I welcome suggestions for solutions to this problem.

The suggestion that immediately comes to mind for me is having two colors for themes instead of one, with each being used for a respective mode setting (ex. Dark Mode color is yellow, Light Mode color is purple).

Alternatively – and I say this without knowing how much work it would be coding-wise – have Light Mode flip the saturation and brightness values (i.e. the "SB" of HSB) of all theme colors. So for example...

Light Coral (S=50, B=100) in Dark Mode → Maroon (S=100, B=50) in Light Mode

Light Yellow-Green (S=54, B=100) in Dark Mode → Dark Yellow-Green (S=100, B=54) in Light Mode

The big caveat with this idea, however, is the neutral values – black, white and grays. Since flipping the S and B of any non-black neutral would make black, the alternative solution would be to only flip brightness, which can be done by subtracting the brightness value from 100.

Light Gray (B=63) in Dark Mode → Dark Gray (B=37) in Light Mode

I spent more time than originally intended with that last bit. Whoops. Regardless I hope anything in this little spiel of mine helps. 🙂

SECOND POST EDIT: So uh, there was an error in my first post, but I couldn't fix it because the edit prompt wouldn't work for some reason. Don't know if that's just me. 🤔 Went ahead and deleted it.

This post edit: I can edit this one though! Odd.

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I like all the changes, thank you for the work.


i am glad you are listening to the community.
@PacPac i just have a small question since the changes, you used to be a profile background that was a 8bit day cycle and changed depending on the time of day, is that anywhere now or is it completely gone

example of what i mean

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I think there should be old/new layout switcher just like reddit did with their website by having subdomain like for example for old layout and for new layout

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Would it be possible to bring back the option of changing the background when editing the theme of the series page? For the Sonic series we both used background and foreground and when changing the theme colour to bring back the old background it doesn't look right anymore.


Ultra-minor one, page title (and twitter description) for runs duplicate the runners names e.g.:


@The-Mad-KingThe-Mad-King That's the @MilkMilk theme. The functionality is still there, but with the pre-made themes that you can browse the site with gone (now your profile themes covers that), I'm not sure where to put it in.

@flyingfoxflyingfox Yeah series themes will be coming back. I just forgot this morning.

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I think transparencies should only be allowed at 80% if at all... and only available if there's a background image. Maybe just make it a toggle switch?

Some of the custom themes for games were truly horrid and I appreciate all the work you've done to make the site look more unified. A few more tweaks and I think we'll have something much better than the previous site.

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Wonderful job on the new update. Looks crisp and clean! Keep it up!

A few bonus things:
- gold splits are not highlighted gold any more.
- Wondering why this link was removed from "More": https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​changelog
- So, so excited to see what y'all do with graphs 🙂

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Thanks for rolling back some of the changes. It would be great if we could customize the fill and outline colors of the leaderboards and navbar like before; the unchangeable dark gray really doesn't go with the background and logo we had before. As for transparency, bring it back, but don't allow it to be less than 70% or 80%. And it would be nice but not necessary to have the background and foreground positioning back (but not scrolling); around the holidays I liked to add a repeating tessellated snow gif to the foreground of the leaderboards I mod

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Options for scrolling/transparency/foreground/background position should be returned

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if themes look bad on light mode why not give games the ability to define a theme for both light and dark mode respectively

like I said in the other thread, I think customization is an aspect you should be expanding on, not cutting back. The high traffic pages will put the effort in. The people with no sense of colour theory will not, but nothing you can ever do will help such people.

Also, while rolling back some of the changes is enough to please some. I'm still curious what compelled this change at all

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re:point #4, why does it matter if certain lbs look bad? My understanding was that src is hands-off and lets communities do what they want.

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The changes definitely look a bit better than the original version of the overhaul. However, there are still some things as well that could use some tweaking. For the games with the custom backgrounds, the solid board color really makes some of the backgrounds not matter at all. Perhaps making it not as opaque would make it look better for said games.
Also, for games with multiple categories on the main boards, putting the board's background behind the category text and perhaps lightening it behind the other categories could work.
Also also, for account names, with the green bar, my purple name looks nearly illegible on either mode. That might be solvable by a thick drop shadow though.
Edit: Seems to be on more than just the green bar up top in terms of the name

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it's hands off when they have to make actually difficult decisions regarding content enforcement but if your colours look like crap then lol all hands in

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I don't know if this is a bug or not, but this panel in a Guides pages that has no guides is green regardless of the theme colour:

Something I would suggest is having some kind of tab always present behind the categories you don't have selected on a leaderboard. Even with good custom backgrounds and otherwise solid colour choices, you end up with situations like this:

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Being able to set the navbar colour ( sic 😉 ) to "Same as panel colour" makes the site look dramatically better; thanks for getting rid of the paywall to use that.


Next year Twitch removes all stream layouts.. wait, that wouldn't be that bad tbh
Pac, blink twice if you're in trouble. Did somebody on here hurt you?
But fr, opaque monochromatic boxes kinda kill the point of a background. It was nice matching the panel colour to the background, adding transparency, making all the text look nice with it. Probably reconfigured all that about half a dozen times / year. Some things are definitely nicer UI-wise (ex. submitting a run) but appearance-wise it's not going in the right direction, even with the re-added backgrounds and logos, it just does not look good.

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