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The changes from this update are too big to reduce to a simple like/don't like imo. There's much to like, and some real headscratchers.

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It would've been fine without the "I demand it"

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Yeah seriously, @SpaceCowboy3514SpaceCowboy3514 there is a bigger thing to worry about on the road, and you decide to focus on a small mistake in my post.

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Nice one, change the layout to fit more ads 👍

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Another site updates with a messy, awful layout that makes it more difficult to navigate or find important information, and more than likely another admin team just ignores it and keeps it I guess, but for me hiding categories and moderators being clear at the bottom are top of the list of problems, awful font with lack of casing for titles and categories, and a lot of smaller fonts are a major secondary problems. The WR history graph is a cool idea though at least


Originally posted by chaos42666The WR history graph is a cool idea though at least

That already existed prior to this update, inside the Statistics page for each leaderboard.

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Another reason why the game retexture sucks is that in the "Recent Runs" tab, any multiplayer runs will not list all the players in the run.


retexture is an interesting choice of a word for redesign

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So it seems that some people like this redesign and some people don't like this redesign, so I got an idea. In the settings there could be an option to swtich between the old style and new style of leaderboards for you. I like how Elo fixed some of the problems but I still feel that this problem needs fixing.


They most likely won't do that since supporting two designs of the website adds a lot of extra development time, especially when new features are added.

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You should get used to it instead of expecting elo to react, I dont think that elo would go back to the old setup after all of the changes they have made.

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