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Whenever I click on a game what do I see: it looks disappointing. The retexture is weird for my eyes and I don't like it. Elo hasn't crossed the line until now, I demand that the theme of things changes back soon. The old texture of games was better.

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Well, I do like the About the User thing on a user's profile and they should just leave users at that, but the game retexture on games is horrible for my eyes, src is just not the same.

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This is terrible. Before, all the information was right in front of you, now it’s been hidden behind sliding menus. And the moderator list is way down at the very bottom; it should be near the top where it was before.

Edit: also, I like the new information being tracked on the bottom of my user page, but I don’t like that it’s public with no option to hide it.

Edit2: this is all for mobile btw, I haven’t checked the desktop site.

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I like it a lot to be honest but I don't think you are in any position to make demands. You just kinda sound stupid and the fact that this has made you so upset is telling.


@SpaceCowboy3514SpaceCowboy3514 Was that directed at me? Or Secrert?

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Elo is supposed to be community minded, I think you are not in the position to criticize other people’s decisions. Just because you like it, doesn’t mean everyone likes it.

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Wait, who are you talking to @Bob-chickenBob-chicken this is getting confusing.


Another issue: boards such as ROM hacks, under the leaderboards button, the drop-down menu has “base categories” and “full game leaderboard.” The latter is the ROM hack board, and the former goes to the game it’s a hack of. This is just confusing.


It was much clearer before when there was a button that said “ROM hack of Mario Kart 7” and clicking on that would take to you Mario Kart 7’s board.

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Uhhhh who had the bright idea to turn a tab interface into a horizontal scrollbar that shows/hides items? One where the arrows for Next and Previous jump around the screen based on the content length of these tabs?

Have fun navigating without pulling your hair out! Now games with several tabs have a pretty horrible user experience/interface wanting to reach other tabs, instead of all of them being available with one click.

There's a way for game page moderators to curate / fix this, right? Because if not... Yikes. I thought moderators could provide custom CSS for pages (I'm not one), but I was mistaken (unless it's a supermod-only thing?). It's an easy CSS hack to fix, but if mods can't do it...

EDIT: FURiOUS to the rescue (although "run a custom browser extension with a user stylesheet" is hardly a fix for any user coming to the site; but a good instant fix for those that can use it)! (custom stylesheet update for this site to undo the nonsense hidden tabs).

EDIT 2: I made a new topic because it didn't exactly fit this thread, but you can add comments to individual run submissions now. Not good.

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How about make an option to change this cuz it looks horrible on my phone everything is too small.

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Looks like they posted an announcement.

Now let's see if they look to this thread.


@TheDoctorBlueTheDoctorBlue Meta said he’s reading through all the feedback.

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Originally posted by SpaceCowboy3514I like it a lot to be honest but I don't think you are in any position to make demands. You just kinda sound stupid and the fact that this has made you so upset is telling.

So if he doesn't like this, he's automatically stupid? What kind of backwards logic is that?

By that logic, I'd say you're surrounded by idiots on this site, because there's quite a few users that dislike some (if not all) of the new changes.

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I actually don't mind the changes, it can definitely be improved (like a way for game moderators to close comments on individual runs and a blanket toggle) but it also has its upsides. I see why some others aren't a big fan though.

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I just hopped on src and I see this. Not pleased.

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Because of our complaint, they took off the statistics which we liked, and kept the game texture as is. Seriously, this is not just a bad complaint, there were some good things with the updates such as the stats and commenting on runs, we just don’t like the followed game stats and the game layout change. If any site staff or anyone from the site is reading this, please respond with a solution. Don’t just leave us hanging.

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It's so bad, why are the boards so tiny? What's the point? The old design was just fine

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@PearPear not talking about you, sorry about the confusion


I like the new update