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I have been using YouTube-DL for over a year now and something has changed that is causing really slow downloads, so are there any other ways to download YT videos so we can verify the runs?


You do not need to download videos to retime. Copy the debug info and go to a frame timer like

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@Bob-chickenBob-chicken Youtube-DL can be used to also download videos from Twitch, and maybe other sites as well.
Youtube retime tools won't work in those cases.

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yt-dlp is the replacement. It's a fork of youtube-dl that's still being updated (since the maintainers of youtube-dl don't seem to be updating it anymore.)

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@jaearessjaearess is there a way to make it work inside yt-dlg (the Youtube-downloader-gui)?
Cause I really don't like doing anything with command lines.


That I don't have any knowledge about. I only use it on the command line and as a Python library.

It's probably possible because it works almost identically.