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This seems like a pretty big change to add... but I would love to go to a leaderboard, click on a run to view it, and leave a comment about it 🙂 like a youtube video! Could be a cool place to celebrate or talk about unique strats ;3

Thx ❤️

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This has been brought up before and the general consensus is "no".

This would be a moderation nightmare to try and manage for the site, and other sites, like YouTube already have this feature and just do it so much better. This site isn't really meant to be a social place to chat, it's mostly designed to be informational and adding comments to runs would just create a lot of clutter for no benefit. The forums are the most social aspect of the site and even then those are used for questions primarily (and for bigger communities almost every post in the forums is met with "Join the discord to ask your question and get a faster response". So, the general user base of the site seems very inclined to keep social discussion to other places.

Strat discussion should happen in a more readable place like the forums or a discord server. It's easier to view entire discussions in those places so it becomes easier for communities to document routes, changes, ideas etc.; a comment section just isn't conducive to productive discussion on anything (and I would even argue that the forums aren't great for discussion and are better for basic questions). As for celebrating a run, that is also better off site on a place like Twitter or some other social media where that type of social interaction is more expected.

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I think it's a great idea, but we already have forums so I can understand it would be too much of a mod headache. You could always post about the run here/in the game specific forum.

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idk why I didn't ever see these replies.. maybe the notifications got buried... but, If I could attach a picture, I'd post that deep fried image of Shaq in the whip saying "Understandable, have a great day" 🙂

Makes a lot of sense... Would be too much to mod when there is already a forum aspect to this site... Originally, I kind of thought it would be a light load, but then I'm thinking about certain infamous WR runs that would just be absolutely flooded lmao.

Thanks for entertaining the idea! 🙂

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Hey, they added comments to individual runs ! Very nice 😎

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fucking hell I want this feature removed.

WHY DID IT GET ADDED?? Im sorry, nothing against you. It is very frustrating and it cannot even be disabled by game moderators.

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I'm fine with the feature but there needs to be an option to disable comments for game moderators and individual users. You can't have a comment feature without having an option to not have them.

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Not only does there need to be the ability to disable for games overall, but users should be able to disable just for their own runs specifically if they so wished. The fact there seems to be no moderation step at all - I cannot see anywhere that I can get notified of new comments added to leaderboards of games I moderate, or onto my own runs, is very concerning. To add such functionality without any oversight features seems like an unwise move.

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Thinking about it, even if we work with the premise that only wholesome comments are ever posted, with no notifications of any kind, who will see those comments? What is the point of posting them?

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8 Months ago - "This would be a moderation nightmare to try and manage for the site"
Now - Its a moderation nightmare and runs have nsfw comments and actual porn

Elo, why just why? did no one think before adding this? I would say you are idiots but that would be an insult to an idiot. . .

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