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I submitted an application to the support center to remove inactive moderators and set myself up as a moderator, but it was withdrawn.
The reason was that I was required to submit screenshots of chats with inactive moderators, but I didn't find an option to provide screenshots of chats on the support center page.


The second was that the inactive moderator had never agreed to my Discord friend request. I had no way to chat with them, so there were no screenshots


The way to provide screenshots is basically the same way to submit run videos - you need to upload the picture to any image hosting site, and then copy the link to the image on that site.
I personally use Imgur:

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you can also put an image in discord like send it to some random empty server of yours or dm to your alt if you have one and get the link of that image. i prefer this over imgur since i use discord alot and i always have it always open

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