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Hi! The Dishonored (2012) moderation team has been looking at changing up our leaderboards for quite a while (moving categories around and into subcategories while making a few new ones), but have put it off as we haven't been able to find a good, safe and managable way to switch things around.
There is over a 1000 runs we currently have to move manually to the new setup and considering we don't want to lose any runs including obsoletes, we hope there might be a way for a site admin to help us move all runs through the site back end.

If we don't hear back before Saturday we will continue with our plan of doing it manually, but it would be super helpful if we could have someone look at this with us.
Unsure of where to write this, so did it here 🙂


Don't think anyone on the forums will be able to help you with that besides pointing you to the API.
I'd suggest contacting to assist with this.

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