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For some reason, I was added as a mod of

But I've never even played this game, nor have I heard of any of the other mods before...

The main reason I'd like to be removed is that now I'm getting extra run verification notifications that I'd rather not see.


You're a mod there because you are a series moderator of Star Wars. I don't think it's possible to remove yourself for a specific game in a series.


Klashik is right.
You'd need to uncheck the setting "Series moderators have power here" for this game in order not to be mentioned as a mod there anymore, but I'm not sure that series mods can modify this setting. If so, PrinceRallis, who's the only game moderator for this leaderboard, will have to do it.


I imagine series moderators have the ability to make the change for "series moderators have power here", but I think the most practical thing here at the moment is to remove you as series moderator and assign you to the specific games you want assigned to. (I'd need a list.)

Support for more functionality in options/settings would help, but it's kind of specific/niche, so I don't know when it will get prioritized.