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I mean shouldnt here be a button to pm a person? Cuz it would be great. Right now i got two times verification of a run but the mod is keep placing it in usual category. Can a mod make a categories/sub-categories? If so TrUShade please read the discription and do not throw any run in any%


You can't DM a person on the site (at least at the moment) but TrUShade has contact links on his profile for Twitch and Twitter, so you can contact him through there. (Twitter is a more reliable method of contact than Twitch)

You can also just make a forum post on the game in question.

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Ok, thanks
Since speedrunning is kinda popular now (gdq and esa) and is one of the biggest portals to the subject, it's sad that you cant pm at least a mod on the forum in 2019. Hope admins know, understand and work on it


The discussion of a PM system has come up many, many times, but the short answer on that is, it's not really needed since there's not a lot of situations where you need to directly contact a moderator (and when there is, Twitter, Discord, etc. generally serve that purpose well enough), and it would take a lot more time and effort to create than it's worth. Maybe we'll get it at some point in the future when the site has a lot more time/resources it can devote to new big features, but it's just not a priority anytime soon.


I'm really suspicious that some 'brand new account' is instantly running in to complain about needing to PM people, instead of just using a forum. Previously banned user?

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Got it. Speechless. Thanks to GamingLand for help to new ones

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Twitter is definitely the better place to get a hold of me. I try to keep an eye on the forums as best I can, but it sometimes takes me a little bit to see the post or respond to the question.

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