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Because 6:48.000 indicates that, and 6:48 does not. 6:48 is Could be anything from 6:48.000 to 6:48.999. If 6:48.000 is the correct time for the run (and especially if the run is tight enough that it matters) then 6:48 is imprecise. Imagine if all the top times for Super Mario Bros 1 just said 4:55 or 4:56.

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Also that link at the end of their message. Didn't notice it the first time. Beep boop?


Thought I would post this here, shoutout to @VolvagiaVolvagia for adjusting this and making it so it now displays the additional trailing zeroes.

A mod can set this up by going into Edit Game -> Edit Category and enable: "Enforce MS"
If a community chooses not to set this up category wide, mods can edit runs and add the extra 0's in MS and then re-verifying them.

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so for 0 second long runs can we do 0:00.00


That has been brought up before and the general consensus is that it’s not possible for a run to take zero seconds. Every run takes some time to do. If a game’s timing method is giving you a 0 second time, then you should probably use a different timing method to accurately capture how long the run is taking.

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There actually is an option to always show milliseconds!

Go to "Edit game", then "Categories", click on the three dots of the category, click "Edit category" and select "Enforce MS" which is explained as "This will make all times in this category show milliseconds if the game supports it, even if a flat rounded number. E.g. 12:00:00.000"

I hope this is the option you are looking for, @SekanorSekanor!

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@Laika_the_SpacedogLaika_the_Spacedog This thread was created before this feature existed, and Daravae already mentioned that this had been added.

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Oops... I thought I had read all answers to see if anybody else mentioned this solution but I obviously missed it. Sorry... 🙈