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I am a moderator for The Simpsons Game. When ever I try to look up the game in the search bar, it doesnt show up. Anyone know what could fix it? It pops up in the The Simpsons Series the board exists but just doesnt pop up in the search bar. It also doesnt allow me to use the game for live split when I try to run the game.

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You can find the game when you search for "Simpsons" in the nav bar. Same goes for LiveSplit. But I assume you searched for "The Simpsons" in which I was unable to find it as well. Not entirely sure why that is, but this should do the trick.

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Yes, that's kinda weird.
If you search for the game in the games list, like this: https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​games#title=The​%20Simpsons​%20game
you do see the game.

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Similarly, it's hard to find ALF with the search feature.

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The actual navbar search itself can be kind of funky. There are a lot of games / pages that are just impossible to find through means you would expect.

Personally, this is the page I use to search for games on the site:


This will embed a title search on the /games page, enabling you to type game names/terms and find games. This also seems much more capable of correctly finding titles than the navbar search does not. I imagine they operate under different means.

Right now I did just try 'The Simpsons' and was able to find it via the navbar. As well as one we weren't able to locate a week or so ago, which was Far Cry New Dawn. Odd.

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I encountered this recently on some of the boards I and a couple friends moderate. We found that randomly for some reason the search stop recognizing the "title" of the games we were moderating, however it still recognized the URL of the games we were moderating as a search result.

e.g. "Street Fighter Alpha" had the URL:, searching "Street Fighter Alpha" showed nothing but searching "sfa" revealed it.

We were able to come up with a workaround by copy/pasting the title of the game into the URL and making it match 1:1. Doing so fixed up the games so they were always fully searchable like normal, albeit by making their URL's a little more convoluted.

For those just looking for a game that is not appearing, try searching for whatever you think the moderators might have made its URL (often an abbreviation or just a single word of the game name).

Hope this helps others in some way.


Worth noting that a lot of the search bar issues were actually fixed earlier today/yesterday, so you might be able to find games that you weren't able to previously.


Spare a thought for the PS3 game "Rain" while we're on this topic. Not Risk of Rain. Not Heavy Rain. Not Rainworld. Not Rainbow Six. Just Rain. (A game I probably will run sometime)

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I think that games with special symbols in their names have different priority in the search results.
Your game is actually called Rain™ (at least on this site).
The game does pop up in the games list if you click on the "More..." option.

I noticed something similar when you search "Ugh".
The actual game name is "Ugh!", but you get many other games (which contain the letters ugh, like "through the woods") well before this one.