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Read the mod's comment on this thread.

This is a pretty weird situation in my opnion. The hasn't been any announcement about this partnership before ( As far as I know! ) and multiple streams are being showcased on the frontpage, some of which weren't even speedruns, just people casually playing the game. What is going on?

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Oh, good grief.

I'm shocked promised changes like Mod-Tools are being backlogged in favour of promoting games with no current leaderboards on the site. What on Earth sense does it make beyond selling the game? It's good that games are being produced geared towards speedrunning, but I cannot believe that's a reason for it being promoted.

Edited: And as Matse pointed out, the current super moderator besides Meta doesn't have a presence on the site. The fact it's plugged on a speedrunning website doesn't seem to have prompted any involvement with the site itself.

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For me the worst part is that, as someone mentioned on twitter early on, the game's streams advertisement has been going on for a while today, the same day where the UKSG Autumn marathon is being streamed live on Twitch. It's pretty lame that instead of sharing an actual marathon of games that have actual active communities and speedruns around ( not saying that Severed Steel can't have those, but the game released today!! ) and which is also raising money for charity, they are sharing a day one released game as a way to promote it as a speedgame, before people even know what the game is all about!

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>Buy site
>Talk about how much community matters
>Ignore the whole community while you do nothing but graphical changes for the first few weeks
>Keep ignoring the community while you just put ads and trackers everywhere
>Put news articles in peoples profiles
>Lock the stickied threads in favor of a support hub regular users cant see responses to
>Finally actually communicate with the community after ignoring them for ages and talk about how much you care about them
>Promise epic new mod features for the summer
>Have the site down almost 24/7
>Finally fix the site
>Ignore the entire community for another month or two while doing 0 noticeable work on the site
>Add a little button on leaderboards with too many runs to hide excess runs, except the button doesn't actually work (testing is bloated)
>Add promoted runs and show some random guy streaming on twitch on the front page instead of an actual marathon thats going on

Why do I even use this site anymore.

Now that all the ELO hate has died down in the forums (maybe it'll come back now lul) I feel like we've basically just gone back to where we were with Pac, except Pac didnt shove ads or sponsorships down my thoat.

Just make the API paid already.

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I wish I had the balls to just delete my profile.


The only reason I haven't is because when this site gets a few million users I'll be able to sell my username.

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not if you get yourself banned until then, this costs you some social credit points just posting critique.

also you forgot that they broke the bavarian flag somehow. honestly the worst crime of all.

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Jon was hospitalized 28 times as a child. Severed Steel helped Jon restore his health and achieve his dreams of being a top speedrunner and having a family. Let's create more bright futures.

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Meta on the blog post - (Jun 23) - so at least back then it wasn't an advertisement.

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I didn't see this because I have streams off but jeez man


le funny


i need something to drink

advertising makes me thirsty


this is dumb PunOko


I love trying to open up a game board but cant because the category selection bar is being coved by the severed steel cover picture

Oh and scrolling isn't fixing the issue either


I've gotten huge ads for this game while using the site, even with an ad blocker. This sucks

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A well-run src has been severely stolen because of a promoted game that is severely stupid

  [user deleted]
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