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Hey, I really like the new "follow" system but I miss the global lastest runs. I like sometimes watch random runs from random games for example. Is there a way to switch to that global list ?

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I really want this as well. There's no way to do it that I can find, and I just won't be using the following system until there is, as that is one of my favorite parts of this site.


At the moment, we don't have such a list (except the one on the homepage), but there seem to be other sites using our API to fetch the lastest verified runs and list/tweet them.


Yes, there is one on the homepage, which disappears when i follow at least one game. It's replaced with the list of my followed games and I'd like to have a way to switch between the two list easily.


In the end all the numbers should become customizable, but for now I've made the number of runs in followed games on the front page is limited to 10 max.
Meaning there will be at least 30 runs in other games on the front page as well.