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Can translate Russian


I can translate to English

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Super cool! I could maybe help translate to the Dutch language if you would like to.

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It's not complete yet. When you switch language, if you go to this page , everything will be in English no matter which language you choose it's pretty much the same thing for all pages you can find in the more section, even though i guess some of them could not be changed easily like resources or podcast.

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I could help out with German Translation. I've seen some translations and they gave me shivers ...


Great job on everything, love how this entire site has come together. Very cool, bravo!


If there's any more help needed with the swedish language I'd be glad to help out.

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Hey, I saw that a guy name Nord has a logo for being a Sweden Translator. I didn't know that this site was in translation phase.
By knowing that, the summer vacations are on the way and I feel interest about translating the website to French (Canadian) from English !
I already worked voluntarily in translation in the past. I was part of team for the translation of the game Party Panic made by Everglow Interactive
This experience may be useful to me if you allow me to help you translate website into French (Canadian)
My french is very good and I am a perfectionnist. 😉

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good job.Maybe I can help with some part of Chinese
I'm now studying in America and my mother language is Chinese.


Hello, is this still relevant? After the site redesign I can't seem to find the language settings of the website. Was it deleted? If not, please tell me where to access it.
On another note, is there a way of having category rules in different languages? I believe no, but it'd be cool to have language specific rules for every category depending on which language you use on the website.

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@nøir. Click your profile in the top right > Select the currently present language underneath 'Day Mode' or 'Night Mode' and it should show a popup carrousel with all the available languages.

Also having different languages for rules is not a site wide feature since the language translation is performed on most of the "core" site elements such as navigation and settings but rules are defined by moderators themselves. If you wish to add another language, an idea could be write out a translated version through an external source such as Google Docs and link that document inside of the rules on the leaderboard.


Am i looking in the wrong spot or is this a bug?

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@DaravaeDaravae there is no such button as shenef pointed out above, are we missing something, perhaps?


I thought Selectable languages was still a Donator only feature?

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I can do some translations to Russian.

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I want to apply for Chinese translator, as I am Chinese speaker and good at translating game vocabluary especially.

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@LonneLonne Donations have been disabled since the ownership transfer to Elo and all features that were previously donator-only are now available to everyone.

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Originally posted by DoubleDubbel@Lonne Donations have been disabled since the ownership transfer to Elo and all features that were previously donator-only are now available to everyone.

I think they already figured this out, given that his post was made a year ago.

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