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i can help with the romanian translation


I can help with Icelandic (if you want) and some polish 🙂


Don't know if this is still happening but I can do slovak translations 🙂


Does anyone think a directory that displays all of the translators would be a cool idea?


I could help with Arabic عربي if you want


I'm from Ireland and could help with Irish although not that many people speak it.


I would like to translate Brazilian Portuguese, I'm a Brazilian 🙂

Eu iria ficar feliz em ajudar!

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I speak HTML / CSS, Javascript, PHP, and some Python... if, ya know... you want some help with the site features or backlog that you keep saying you need help with.

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Nais! If y'all need help translating into Greek (for the one person that will use it and understand it) I'm all yours! 😃


That sounds amazing! If any help is needed for french translation, please contact me. 🙂

I am fluent in french since I was born and raised in Quebec, a French region of Canada. I have experience with translation, and I am perfectly fluent in both languages.

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I was born in Turkey and my Turkish level is C2 (which is the highest level). I would gladly translate Turkish for this epic site!


The Dutch translation is very incomplete. But hey, I don't know if anyone would actually use it anyway, as I think every speedrunner from the Netherlands will surely speak fluent English...


It is as complete as it can be. If things aren't translated, this is because we cannot translate them yet.

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What do we users have to do to translate the site? I gave my reason why I can be great at translating Turkey. So what do I have to do now?


Wait for Pac's approval


Okie dokie!


@Gyoo: Huh, I see. That's a shame.


Hey guys, nice to see interest in this is still alive. It took a little bit of a backseat the past few months while we were concentrating on other things, but I want to get it wrapped up and finished soon.

I also made a terrible decision when designing how the language data should be stored in the database (I'm too embarrassed to even say what it was), so I've gotta reorganise that, and that will also make it easier to translate things like game names into any language (not just Japanese).

For now, I've added Turkish and set you as a translator for it, SpiderSponge. You should also make sure you're in the Discord (link is in ... on the navbar) so that I can add you to the #translation channel.

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Thank you!

Edit: I have just entered the discord server. My username is the same as this one.

Edit 2: Also, I have noticed I got an "ae" icon next to my name. Is that because i'm a translator for the site?


Cool, I'll add the translator role to you on Discord as soon as I get home.

Yep that's what the æ icon means. It's super ugly and also needs an update 😛

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