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There is only one language: 'Murican!


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If you need any help with european portuguese, just let me now, i'll help asap 😃


Is it possible to maintain the American flag as opposed to the British one, even if you're from Europe, because preference.

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Originally posted by OmarI changed the language to spanish but it still shows the american flag.
I think it's fixed now, can you confirm?

Originally posted by mikl Is it possible to maintain the American flag as opposed to the British one, even if you're from Europe
Nah, I think it's pointless, it would be too much work, and even if I did, feature bloat.

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@Pac works for me (the flag showing up)

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It works now

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French mothertongue here ! And good knowledge in English (C1). So if you need help for the french part, contact me. I'd help with pleasure.


There's a lot of people who proposed their help for french. Even if I can handle it, you can still suggest stuff on the SRCom Discord server, there's a french channel where we can discuss translations.

Also, please keep in mind (I think Pac said it already in the first post) that if something is still in english, that means we don't have the ability to translate it yet.

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I can help with Polish translation, just message me on discord.


So.. May I have the link for the SRCom Discord ? Thanks


Im portuguse so i can help with the european portuguese translation

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Hello, I can help with the Slovak translation.

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I noticed Italian wasn't listed as one of the languages in development, I would love to join the team and help out with the translations if you have any extra space! I'm proficient but my speaking ability has been diminished due to living in the United States and not Italy haha! Anyway, I understand the language and can read and write in it as well! Thanks! I joined the Discord channel as well, is there anywhere I need to apply?


I can help with Traditional Chinese translations. I'm Taiwanese and currently a graduate student studying translation and interpretation (English - Chinese). Would love to help out 🙂

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@Gameboy736 Slovak translation is pretty useless since all Slovak people can understand Czech :^)


I can definitely help with the Spanish translation. I'm a native Spanish speaker, after all.


@CorkySek So? Just because the languages are similiar doesn't mean that it's useless. All big(ger) sites have Czech and Slovak translations, I don't see your arguement being valid.