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We're working on a new system to let you browse the site in a number of different languages.

A lot of people offered to help out with translating, so we now have a team working on all these languages:

I've given donators early access to the feature. There's still a lot to be done, so there's no need to report missing words 🙂

If you can offer to translate any other languages, especially Chinese or Portuguese (European and Brazilian), please reply here and let us know why you'd be good at it.

Thanks folks! 👍️

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Awesome development, thanks for this

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Also, to keep Americans and British happy, your own flag will show for English.

I may do the same for Portugal and Brazil once Portuguese is added, but I don't think people from Quebec and Hispanic America mind the French and Spanish flags, right?

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Good job everyone OpieOP


I can help with translating Brazilian Portuguese, since I'm brazilian/a native speaker. I think I may know some people willing to help with a EU-PT translation as well.

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I'm down to improve the German translation a bit because parts of it are fairly odd.

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Nice !


I'm also happy to help with the Brazilian Portuguese translation, but I defer to native speakers if you have enough.


I guess I can do Danish if you guys want that

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@Pac i'd prefer the quebec flag but ehhhhhhhhhhh


Yo, if you guys want (and want to add that language) I can help with the basque translation

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To those offering to translate, it would really help me get in touch with you if you could join [the site's Discord](

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I just entered something into the search bar and got "Pas de résultats" instead of "No results". Is that a bug?


French is taking over the world Kappa

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If you need any help with french, i'll be glad to help with it 🙂


If you ever need any help with Norwegian I'd be down to help you out, as it's my native language.

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Hey! I can help with Spanish in everything you want 🙂

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I changed the language to spanish but it still shows the american flag.