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Is there a way to add the unfollow game feature to this site? Just do the reverse of the follow button? I just really dont like seeing Seterra every single time i look atthis front page.

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go to the game's page, press the "Following" Button on the menu,
it will change back to "Follow" and you'll have successfully "unfollowed" the geography map dotting simulator.


I think Nick is asking for a way to block a game from ever showing up on the front page for you


Yes. Unfollow forever. Not follow to then unfollow.

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I think that has been requested before, but can't remember. Did you check the Feedback thread?


blocking games has been requested before, yes.
never seen anyone refer to it as "unfollow forever" though...


The front page could probably be customized in some way to prevent certain games just hogging it constantly.

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A good customization would also be: Only show full runs / levels.

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