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I understand the decision to make a change like this can be deemed as cool or whatnot but we did a few test comments on one of our games and the moderators don't get informed at all about new comments, so we now need to manage moderating both runs and comments which we can't see (which is infinitely harder with 180 categories like Sonic Robo Blast 2's IL's) so can we please just be given the option to opt out of comments for boards we moderate? I don't like the idea of someone posting something hateful where I won't see it but it may still impact the original poster and I think that the boards that opt in should be given a separate notification system for comments being left as it will of course clog up what notifications come in already being runs submitted, forums posted etc.

Thanks and hopefully this comes to fruition. Just feel like this system is far too fragile, unfortunately.

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The option for toggling comments is absolutely necessary, we already get enough runs that we only have the time to verify (and not constantly check for comments that may or may not be hateful). I hope elo sees and acts on this quick...

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posted this in the feedback thread but it's relevant to this specific issue:

when a mod deletes a comment on a run, it only deletes the content and not the comment box itself. The poster of said comment can then edit it back to what it originally said. As pointed out before, at no point is a moderator made aware of any of this happening.

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Like, seriously, ELO. You run statistic sites for MOBAs, you should know how toxic the internet can be. Lots of moderators are swamped with enough work that they don't have time to be checking these things.

In the midst of the forums being on fire again due to another update, this is one of a couple issues (and particularly vital) that has cropped up that would have been easily solved with a community beta testing group. Or you know, even telling us what changes you're going to make ahead of time and getting community feedback first so that we don't end up doing this song and dance like we've done with every update.

The large majority of posts I make are usually jokes or sarcasm, but this isn't. C'mon people.

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Someone just informed me of another little bit of info that's been overlooked and it's that yeah sure, a user could alert us to hateful comments being posted on their run but what can we, as normal moderators, do to normal users on this site? Like we can't ban them from commenting, we only have the power to delete but it doesn't stop mass spam of any sort. Is this what ELO wants, to be overloaded with work because only their site mods can ban people? It just seems way too fragile and not thought out in every regard.

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To solve this issue I think the following should be implemented so that both sides are happy (using a direct quote from myself from another thread of mine):

Originally posted by Hi Instead of getting banned from the website as a whole, what if you could separate getting banned on the forums from getting banned from submitting runs? To me it seems very unfair to get banned forever due to how easy it is. Simply having an unpopular opinion that the mods or the users in general dislike will get you banned, so what could be done instead is ban that person just from the forums while allowing them to still submit runs, and viceversa too.

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@HiHi I'm afraid that doesn't solve this particular issue, since the real problem here is that only site mods can ban people rn, and it stands to reason that a few site mods won't be able to handle every single run with comments.

For comments to be a non-issue they really need to give better moderation capabilities to both leaderboard mods, be it through the ability to disable comments or to enable them to enact "comment bans". Hell, even being able to actually delete the comments themselves would be a step in the right direction, since right now the "deleted" comment box stays there with a "Message deleted" text and the original commenter can come and edit the comment to have the original message back.

Again, I'm not particularly against comments, but opening the floodgates without first having proper ways to moderate them in place is just asking for trouble.

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Ah, I see now. Makes sense.

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Messages seem to delete fully now, but leave no audit logs when deleted.

This is not great. Moderators don't know when a comment is made, or when a comment is deleted, so how are we supposed to moderate this?

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O.D.W. got to love the fact we've had no response in any rational form. You'd think it'd do less harm to at least disable commenting until they came to a consensus but there's nothing happening and now people are allegedly posting heavy NSFW to run comments. I don't know why I expected anything of posting but it seems that poor decision making and ELO go hand in hand at this stage given all of our terrible site changes up to this stage.


Throw the whole site away


idk what you guys are talking about comments aren't being abused at all

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They really need to do something. Please just turn them off until they're developed to a point where Mods/Users have some control, and there's also additional extras like bad-word filtering and such implemented.

(sensitive topic in the tweet ahead)

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