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Originally posted by LonneAlso im pretty sure the entire point of the "supporter forum" was to gather feedback explictly targeted towards upcoming changes but that doesnt seem to be working either.

At this current moment, the supporter forum is, in essence, a private, paid-for "The Site" forum.

The entire point of that section is also rather counter-intuitive, because it makes less sense to make a designated forum that requires payment to access to gather feedback (as well as beta features in general, honestly), and thus gather a smaller pool of feedback, than it does to just gather it from a far larger pool of people.

It's probably also not working because parts of the new profile page design weren't even actually a beta feature. It was essentially sprung out of nowhere without a word in that forum. This isn't my image, but here is what the text looked like back in late May:

Notice how the time text isn't tiny? Then for whatever reason the time was made way smaller when it was pushed live, which is something that was complained about almost immediately and is now fixed. Like what even is the point of beta features and a forum for supposed staff communication if stuff just gets changed anyway without a word? Silly if you ask me.

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The thing that confused me the most is that a lot of the bugs that happened on release were not bugs that existed at all in the time we were given access to them
I have NO clue how they could possibly have messed it up so bad that it bugged out on mass release. Maybe I'm being ignorant and I don't understand.
Also, I have to agree with you @LivLiv, ELO has continuously said they would prioritize communication with the community, but it feels like a lot of things that aren't major bugs but would still be good for the site are ignored. I really hope the site will turn around, but I am running out of hope.also i bought a year of supporter god i hate being an impulse buyer

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We're probably gonna make Elo sell sr.c again because of how much we're criticising them lol

Originally posted by Ivoryi bought a year of supporter

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“ We're probably gonna make Elo sell sr.c again because of how much we're criticising them lol” - @YUMmy_Bacon5YUMmy_Bacon5

If they do, let’s just hope that they don’t sell it to an even worse company or even worse… Billy Mitchell the speedrunning devil himself.


Still looks awful and all text is too small

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Where did you come from?

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I still much prefer the old design with everything more compact and in single rows, but it looks like some things have been fixed.

As already mentioned by others, the text has been resized and run times are no longer dwarfed by the leaderboard ranks. Someone mentioned that we could no longer hover over links for a pop-up description, looks like its been fixed. Also, long console names that took up multiple rows (ie "Nintendo Entertainment System", "3DO Interactive Multiplayer") are now appropriately abbreviated to the way it was before the change.

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also in the old layout you could click the category name and it would take you to that category on the leaderboards but on the new design it takes you to your run

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