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It is not good, not much to be said about it.

Edit to add: Skyweiss said it best. Why is the placement (like 4th, 3rd, etc.) larger than the time itself? I grinded for the time not the placement. It feels out of touch and weird. Please change. Also, the time being so far to the right from the game is just ugly and bad design. Revert it entirely honestly, it was basically perfect. Don't change something for the sake of change.

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I like it (kinda) (not as much anymore)
i think maybe keeping the old spacing and all that the same while still adding categories and ordering would be cool

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I like the new features a lot, but the layout is absolutely awful. There's too much space between things, and the font size for the times and the platforms are way too small. It doesn't even make sense to lay things out the way they did. Why is the "platform" and "time" for a run underneath everything in miniscule font when there is a huge gap between the category name, placement, and date? There was a reason everything was displayed in a line before. It was way easier to read.

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personally the only big issue is that the placement is larger than the actual time of each run. i couldn't care less if my run was 10th place or 100th place, i care about what time i got, so it's weird to me having the former take precedence visually over the latter. in general, i would probably prefer if all of the text was the same size, including subcategories/variables and platforms too - the important stuff feels too small to read.

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Not a fan of the new layout either. All the information for each run that used to fit neatly in single rows, is now spaced out awkwardly into two rows... and if you have NES runs then its four rows because the platform gets spelled out as "Nintendo Entertainment System" with each word as a separate row and the age of the run in the same column for no reason. The game titles are also oddly big, probably to distract from the awkward spacing of everything. It would be nice if users could toggle between the new and old layouts, but I imagine that's probably not a simple thing to implement.

As a side note, the ability to re-order runs is neat, as is the supporter-only feature for grouping runs (great idea tbh). I almost want to pay for supporter for that feature alone, and to help support the site, but I really don't want to support this profile design change (as well as the still horrible leaderboard design change and other dubious changes). 😛

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It looks absolutely awful and a lot more unclear because everything spreads over several rows. Especially on NES runs, 4 rows for one run, what a master piece of design.

The re-order option is neat even though I don't really care about it

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It's certainly a little confusing that everything takes up more space on the profile but the most important piece of information (the time) is now tiny. The game groups/ordering and the featured run additions seem nice though.

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Also I wish I could still switch someone else's profile to ordered by date cause sometimes I just wanna see what they ran last.

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I do not like how the variables now appear out of brackets () making them look like sub-categories
I also don't like how the category info appears in the featured run.
It should appear like it does on the run page
The category is supposed to have a dash - after it, and then commas after all the sub-categories and then maybe the variables below the video. Also it isn't obvious that you're supposed to click the category info to open the run page

Originally posted by SkyweissDon't change something for the sake of change.
@flippehflippeh @skyweissskyweiss The change was somewhat necessary because sr.c is rewriting the site in react

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New layout is pure garbage, honestly. If it can be reverted, I would be very grateful. But the worst part is the bugs I'm experiencing. In a few games I run, my placement was changed to a much lower position, even though when I go to the game's leaderboard, my placement is the same as before.

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@WanderAgroWanderAgro the devs are aware of these bugs and are working on them, the bugs are happening because sr.c have updated their backend which they haven't tested enough

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@YUMmy_Bacon5YUMmy_Bacon5: Thanks for the information, I was concerned that it would stay like that, but since it's just temporary, I feel more relieved.

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I wish src would let all of us vote on updates and have input on what things about the updates we don't like and what things we do like about it. I feel like these updates come out of nowhere and we don't have a say about whether we like it or not. Elo is just like too bad you'll all have to deal with our new updates whether you like it or not. I really liked the new mod hub since the old one was disorganized but I still wish we could go back to the old layout of leaderboards instead of having to deal with new ones.

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I thought more transparency was going to be a thing? Last I checked everyone was complaining about the leaderboard arrow, and that is still here.


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Agree, the text is far too small and illegible. You have all that empty space to the left to make the text bigger than ever. Or simply revert the change - there was nothing wrong with it.

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I came here to say all of this, if you take a moment to look at the Levels Runs on my page you can see a major problem with the new layout, it simply takes too much space. A game like Cuphead that has 16 bosses, with 4 categories each went from being visible on a single phone screen to requiring 5 scrolls to get by. Im all for the additional information being displayed, but not at the cost of convenience. Like others have said, I'd prefer the old system if this can't be simplified.

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Honestly think it'd be nice if all games were kinda shrinked by default and then you'd have to expand them into a full category to actually see everything.
Would both look neater and maybe save on site resources (IDK, I've never made a non-static site lol)?
Generally an issue for ILs for me as I have tons of ILs for some games cluttering my whole runs section.
I'm also a fan of having a 'highlighted' run like someone ages ago mentioned, so that'd be cool to implement.

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But if they actually used the empty space then they wouldnt have space for ads! 😱

Also im pretty sure the entire point of the "supporter forum" was to gather feedback explictly targeted towards upcoming changes but that doesnt seem to be working either.

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looks like they made all of the text bigger, nice:

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