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I recently got a namechange from tHmCS to my current one, mikl, and I guess something might've messed up. I've only submitted one run after the change, but my name isnt showing up on the leaderboard, and the run isnt showing on my profile. It's just a blank space. If you press it, it says I submitted the run though.

The run in question:


[11:50:39] <Mhmd_FVC>
[11:50:47] <Mhmd_FVC> this run got through with no runner name entered
[11:54:23] <Mhmd_FVC> I also cannot change the name of the runner doing the run
[11:54:33] <Mhmd_FVC> it just gives me the little circle at the bottom for a flash
[11:54:36] <Mhmd_FVC> then nothing happens

extra info


There seems to be a lot of bugged blank name records coming through.

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I guess I should mention that we tried resubmitting it, but it went to blank again.


We are having the same problem in the Chrono Trigger leaderboard. Blank name after accepting a run and can't edit anything, name, time, version, I get the circle at the bottom for a second but nothing gets modified (Mod for said leaderboard here). Tried Firefox, IE and Chrome with no luck.


I can't edit any runs on any of the games I moderate 😕 I can however edit the game's themselves.


Many runs are affected, just look at the main page.


Having same issue now as well. I can add new runs without much issue, but I can't edit or delete existing ones.

edit: also names disappear


Thanks for reporting this, there was a bug that caused the players not to be saved when editing runs.
It has been fixed, but unfortunately runs that were already affected are not automatically fixed. They can however be edited and fixed manually now (the player that submitted the run was still stored though, so it shouldn't be too hard to fix in most cases).

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