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I don’t know if I like it

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it's a downgrade

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It's VERY useful to moderators of a lot of games like me because it sorts runs by game. I think it will get better with time, like the edit button going to the edit run page.

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Interesting observation: Banned users that appear in the Moderation Hub don't appear grey.

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It's def an upgrade imo, at least for my general use.


Nobody ever submits runs to the games I mod, so it's not like I can use it WoweeSmug

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To those who don't like the new RaV page, just a reminder that /runsawaitingverification is still totally usable! Although if you do have complaints about Mod Hub, please let me or someone else on the team know so that we can add it to our list of stuff to look into. Thanks! 😃

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I'm not sure why marathons appear in the Mod Hub... Mine is cluttered with a bunch of marathons I helped organize years ago. Even if they were current, I don't know what the use in having them there is.


Yep that is a known bug, definitely not intentional and I've got that marked down 🙂 I'm not sure why either, but I'm sure the engineering team will know what's going on

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I don't like the moderation hub for some reasons

1) runs aren't collapsed by default

2) (leeches from the previous issue) runs are ranked from oldest to newest. It makes it hard to see if there's several runs from the same person/category in the queue

3) all the tags makes it super messy, especially when there's a lot of variables

I've been told by people who mods several games that the moderation hub is better than the old queue, but as someone who only verifies one game, it's more a downgrade than anything else.

It would be cool if you could just add "runs awaiting verification" here/let us trigger which one we want, in order to let us choose the queue we like the most

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The running list of embed runs is pretty useful as is the sorting by game- only small issue for me is the edit issue above where it makes you do a second unnecessary click if you want to edit a run. Also small change that would be nice is the time displaying next to the 'claims to be x place' more prominently at the top instead of with the rest of the tags.

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The amount of space a single run takes up is now huge. Before I could take one look and be like, "oh, I don't have a lot of time right now so I can just pick this one that looks easier to verify". Now I have to scroll and scroll. Especially because now there seems to not even be any new information presented for each run? It's just bigger. Not sure how that's any benefit.
It would be nice if they could add a way mods could "flag" previously verified runs (in case there something wrong with them) and they could go back into the Moderation Hub in their own category, without actually taking the run down from the leaderboards.

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Oh yeah there's something else, now when you verify a run, it stays on the run page instead of sending you back to the runs awaiting verification which is a huge waste of time spent just getting back to the page each time


In Mod Hub when I verify a run, it disappears.


Yeah, not getting that issue with that.

The Mod Hub is a good start but there's a few things that I'd like to see:
Clearer presentation of the run information.
Displayed subcategories.
Dates display being affected by user preferences (e.g., relative vs. absolute, currently only relative).
Collapsible run tabs (already mentioned).
Edit button linking directly to the run information page (already mentioned).

It would be amazing if we could edit the run information on the page itself (maybe by double-clicking on specific displayed run parameters) instead of having to click the edit button every time, especially since I add timing moderation comments to the comment textbox for every single run I check. I recognize this may not be possible but it would streamline the whole process.

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definitely second the same-page editing.

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Can we have the old hub back please, this is horrible and makes our job so much harder (Dead by Daylight)

So here is our reasoning:
We got to see all the runs on the same page with all the info we needed, like Name, Category, Platform and so on, now if we have more than I think its 18 runs we have to keep switching pages.

With the old system it would have been nice to have it a link to the video so we can download the video without going into the link, Other than that it was fine with how it was before.

I understand you want to refresh things and bring it upto date but if it wasn't broken don't fix it. I have spoken with the other verifiers/mods/super mods and we all agree its pretty and all but its not practical.

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Hey, thanks for adding the links on the mod hub to the game! Also for fixing the edit run bug. I also want to reiterate the point that links to the category / level / subcategory boards where appropriate would also be appreciated