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I believe I was removed from the European War series as moderator. Was this a mistake or is there a reason for this? I was never notified about this.


Series mod is rather pointless, so not sure why that is an issue.

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Yeah It's not too big of a deal. I just want to know why


I removed you after I reviewed what happened with the series. After reviewing the series I noticed you created a bunch of games with categories that are completely empty, as well as creating games in that series that nobody runs. Countless Misc categories that have poor titling and are simply just empty. European War has 37 Misc categories and they are all empty? Frankly I think this is simply misusage of series moderators powers and I don't agree with it.

Honestly, when I trusted you with series mod back in March awhile ago I did not expect to see back this sort of behavior. SRC leaderboards are not meant to be part of some sort of catalog waiting for people to choose and find a game if made available for them.
I really expect you to fix these boards you currently moderate.

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Yeah I understand now. I mostly created those games for me to run eventually. Looking back now I definitely agree with you. European War one isn't even available to download anymore. I only recently ran 5 and 6. I will fix the games with pointless misc. categories when I get home. Definitely will be careful with adding categories from now on.

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